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As I promised, here’s the post for Abg Ell and Kak Sya’s wedding. The wedding was on 8th August.

Abg Ell and Kak Sya

Abg Ell and Kak Sya

We went by 2 cars, we’re using Kak Muni’s Kancil (hell it saves lots of petrol) and Meq’s MyVi; the destination is at Perlis. Around 11 we finally headed for Penang bridge and it took us about 3 hours or so to arrive at Kak Sya’s place (surprisingly we mistook our turn only once =P). We met abg Mat, Kak Ila, and Kak Ina there (surprise, surprise).

The wedding was a normal kampung style but we were having so much time and well, Ruki and I just can’t imagine that both our seniors are getting married. Haha. Gomen ne Abg Ell, we’re just so happy for both of you! =D  The girls seems to be having good time too because suddenly they were an instant model (I don’t have the pic right now; its in Fiza’s keitai) and the groom are so… happy? Hehe ureshi ne… But Kak Sya is not so well because she involved in an accident about 2 days before the big day. Please take good care of yourself Kak Sya…

Anyway, 結婚おめでとう! (Kekkon omedetou! – congratulations on your wedding!)





After all the picture taking session, we went to Padang Besar. Yeah!! Hehe the girls were all excited (me included =P) and all of us bought something for ourselves. The shops were heaven; they have like, sooooooo many shops and stalls there. And you can find almost everything, from shirts to jewelery to kitchenware. Everything.

Pekan Rabu

A pic; must!


We saw an ostrich farm on the roadside from Kak Sya’s house to Padang Besar so yeah, of course, we stop by to take a good look of them. The ostrich are big! And kowaii! The neck and legs are long and we do know they can run fast so we kinda… Be careful? Haha. Kauthar said that we will be certified for our courage if we ride on the ostrich. Iranai! =P



On the way back to Penang, we stop by at Meq’s auntie’s house and have our dinner there. Oishii! Arigatou mak cik… =D

Girls, we were having so much time ne. So glad that we decided to go… We should do things like this more often! ^_^

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