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Posted: 12/01/2012 in Random

Kenal – Kawan/Kapel – Kawen

Thx to my beloved Asyraf Aziz, this 3k thing came up.

This Weekend

Posted: 02/12/2011 in Random

Laying awake in the middle of the night (it should be morning since now is 3 am) forcing myself to sleep. Yup just got off from work at 2.15 am.

Tomorrow (few hours from now) –
8am: Meeting and presentation at MDSB
3pm: Staff meeting in the office

Saturday –
6pm: MNET MOA 2011 (weeehuuuuu…!! ^__^)

Sunday –
12pm: Seoul Garden. Hehe =D

Monday –
Work. Boring.

Tuesday till Thursday –
Penang. TMS for FSB

I just want to sleep. Pffttt~~~

p/s: this post was drafted at 3 in the morning

Fandom-ing vs Living

Posted: 30/11/2011 in Random


I separated those 2 coz fandom world is something I call little fantasy of mine; watching all those they prepared for us in order to entertain. I’m entertained all right, I really do.

Watching all those dramas make me fell “there’s someone out there existed for me” or “you can be anything u want, u can say anything u like, u can do anything u please”, etc. etc.

Yes I listen to the songs. I watch the MVs. I googled the meaning of those songs. I memorise those lyrics so I can sing along and pretended that I’m the singer performing on stage.

Then the reality hits me -how I wish I never involved in the fandom world.

What am I?

Posted: 25/11/2011 in Random

I was working late last night and turns out that my bosses (+ the PA) is still in the office. The CEO then told me that this boss here keeps praising me so I told him to stop praising and give me money instead since I’m so broke. I have only RM 1; luckily I manage to buy a 90 cents bun using all syilings I have just now.

Why am I writing/typing/posting this crap again?


Posted: 24/11/2011 in Random

I don’t blog. Really. I have facebook, twitter, livejournal, me2day, etc. etc. so how am I going to keep up with all those sosial networking sites?

Answer: I don’t

My Wish List

Posted: 20/08/2010 in Random

I wish I have a very good camera
so I can capture every moments of my life

I wish I have better car
so I can take  my friends and family anywhere comfortably

I wish I have a never-ending-credit phone
so I can call and talk to anyone anytime

I wish I can fly
so I can go back and forth to any place in the world

I wish I have more money
so I can buy anything I want

I wish I have more time
so I can spend my time leisurely

I wish I have better brain
so I can finish my work easily and come home early

I wish I can read other people’s mind
so I’m aware of their likes and don’t

I wish I’m good in calming my friends and family
so they will be at ease when they talk to me

I wish I’m more patient than I am now
so I will never say the wrong thing at the wrong time

I wish I don’t have any of these wishes right now

Akirameru? Mada

Posted: 10/07/2010 in Random

It means – Give up? Not just yet.

And I mean it.

Cyril: Simply Magic

Posted: 06/12/2009 in Random

My current interest; Cyril.

I don’t really watch TV at home but somehow this holiday I keep watching AXN channel and came across this Cyril thing accidentally. And he’s hot! Love his eyes and his smiles and of course his magics! ^^

Simply shocked when I wiki-ed him and found out that he’s Cyril Takayama, half Japanese and half French and he’s actually really famous in Japan (too lazy to check what episode it was but Arashi once mentioned his name in AnS) and he has the most videos download from the internet.

Anyone watch his magic at Primo at Taipei? He’s so damn hot with that cigarette! Kakkoi! ^_^

Its Yamada Ryosuke. No? Ohh it’s Nakayama Yuma.

I have this envy+jealousy thing over those ‘kids’ younger than me who successfully made their debut but when I saw Chinen and Yamada in VS Arashi, Yuma in Koishite Akuma n Yuto in a Shonen Club show, I started to have some interest in them. I’m one of their fan now anyway =P

I’ve always thought that its going to be Yamada. You know, the ‘next big thing’ thing? Go youtube him and you’ll get tons of vids of him especially when you come across his concert performance. Its sexy I can tell. And he dances so beautifully and flawlessly and confidently! Have you guys watch his Hidarime Tantei Eye? A short drama where he acted along Yokoyama Yu and Ishihara Satomi (ooohhh love her! ><) and I can say, his acting is good! Kawaii-ly done. I especially love his face expression in it, its so real >_< So when I read the post about Yuma in livejournal, honestly speaking I was shocked since I’ve always have the image of Yamada standing along the same line as KimuTaku, Takki and Pi; maybe? I know there was Hikaru Genji and Matchy and all but I’m not too familiar with them so yeah, Yamada fits right into my head.

Some  of  the fan says that they should really take Arashi as an example; slowly take their steps and maturely prepare themselves to achieve of what they are today and I couldn’t agree more. Come on… How many years have Yuma really involved in the industry? How many dramas? How many singles? When Johnny’s debut his Jr. way too early for those kids, pushing Yuma to get through this as if a fast lane was prepared to him won’t get him to the top easily and many of us thinks that he won’t stay for long if it really happens. I obviously didn’t ‘approve’ of their appearance in Kouhaku; you guys knew about it right? Arashi deserves it but NYC with BIS? Don’t think so~

Its not that I hate Yuma or anything but when things like these happen (is it true that NEWS have less appearance because of highlighting Yuma too much?), it is just so not fair and sometime it’s kinda… Ridiculous?

Lets see whats gonna happen, kore kara.

*thanks to xinkoe who rote  in aramatheydidnt@LJ for the info and google search for images

A Month

Posted: 16/11/2009 in Random

See I just finished my exam and super sadly, I had a really bad fever 3 days before the exam starts. Chikuso. I mean really, this semester I spent almost everyday n night in the library and I rarely miss any class and I took all the assignments wholeheartedly but in 3 days, I almost forgotten everything. Even went to the exam with -bees- in my head.

FYP fever is starting; loveeeeeeee my supervisor, Puan Norlia, she took all her students seriously and we were like, having weekly meeting just to update everyone with everything. With that, I don’t really have time to play. We even did a pre-presentation before the real presentation. Kinchou desu! But yeah, this too, helped me prepared to what I’m supposed to prepare on the real day with the examiner.

My family did a BBQ a.k.a slumber party at Enstek, with everyone there except me! Kirai desu. I can’t go back at that time since I have a stupid test the very next Monday. Hontouni, I’m really going to work near KL or Selangor when I graduated. A must!

My fandom? Never lessen each day. Currently watching My Girl where Aiba is the leading actor with super cute girl, and Tokyo Dogs which pairs Mizushima Hiro and Oguri Shun as detectives. My Girl is soooooo sweet and I can say, from the 1st episode, Aiba is really improving in his acting skills. Ganbatte ne! Tokyo Dogs are really funny to watch! Both are soooooo talented, without doubt, and the pair looks good together too. Hiro-san…. =P

Curently craving over Domoto Kyoudai and I’m afraid I shall admit this, I’m starting to fall for Koichi-kun. Kakkoi! Hahaha =P Oh and Yamapi’s Loveless. Seriously it took me few days to get -hooked- to the song but the PV is so sweet! And Arashi no My Girl no PV. All 5 of them as brothers? So cool! ^_^

Anyway, a  month without any post.