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I remembered when I was in primary school, everyone was so crazy over World Wrestling Federation (WWF). All my guy friends are excited re-enacting the fight and all the girls were like, ‘oh please’ and very few that I knew; The Rock, Stone Cold, Triple H and some that I have forgotten.

I never liked it.

Then I started noticing The Rock (Dwayne Douglas Johnson) acting in few movies. Some that I remembered watching was The Mummy Returns, Walking Tall, The Game Plan and Get Smart and I even saw him as a guest in an episode of Hannah Montana. He’s got the looks (plus the hot bod) and I definitely approve of his talents ^_^

So last week went to GSC Queensbay Mall for Tooth Fairy and it’s cute ^^ The little guy in there (Chase Ellison) Randy sure is hot! =P And the little girl too. Kawaii! Don’t think I’ll elaborate on this one but this is one movie you should watch for those big fan of cute-sweet story.

I don’t really want to watch this at first.

Had a fever right before my prototype but good thing that the prototyping went well so I really need to clear my mind and decided to go for a movie. And Nisa wants to watch this badly so yeah, its decided.

We all knew who Sherlock Holmes is, don’t you? I know he is a very good investigator, I knew that, but since I never read any of the novels so I practically can’t remember since when and how do I know about him. And the partner Watson, he’s good! Nisa told me that they are the best of partners and I really appreciate those who can really trust each other that well (yeah its fictional, so what? ><).

The fighting part; I closed my eyes almost all the time especially the slow motion parts. It looked hurt. And the CSI part; I love em! Hehe its funny how they did it back then. Its just the same with what we saw in present CSI stories only they don’t have these high-tech-computer-who-can-tell-you-everything-with-just-some-clicks. =D And the humor part; its relaxing. About the line of actors? Who wouldn’t want to watch smokin’ hot Robert Downey Jr. together with equally hot Jude Law?

Love it.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5. Must watch!

Papadom by Afdlin Shauki

Posted: 12/10/2009 in Movies, My Events

I don’t usually go watch Malay movie on the big screen. This time Ruki was responsible for my -sin- to waste my RM10 for a Malay movie.


I cried heavily because the story was so touching. Seriously, this is different from any other Malay movies before. Afdlin and Khiriah are the best! Both brings their character naturally and look so sweet together. =P Ok Liyana Jasmay too. She  got my attention since -I-don’t-remember-what-movie-it-was because she’s not a bitchy type like Fasha Sandha. Duh hate her~And Farid Kamil. He looks… Old? Haha.


It was not a RM10 waste =P


Read this carefully. YOU MUST WATCH THIS MOVIE !!! And when I said watch, it means you have to go and get your tickets now and watch it on the big screen, not the pirated CD version one >_<

Last night I went to Golden Screen Cinema’s (GSC) site and tried to book the ticket because yeah, its Transformers, its gonna be blast! I choose to take the option where I can pay it up online and from there we can choose our seat. To my surprise (I am actually not sure whether I should be surprised or not) to see that they opened 3 halls for Transformers alone for the 8:30 screening. And I choose not to take this time because all 3 halls are almost 3/4 booked! There’s even a hall with occupied seats up until the most front seat possible. Whoahhhhh do you know what this means? It means I have no choice but too buy the ticket right away and we chooses to watch the earliest screening, its 11:30 in the morning because I want to go see my lecturer in the evening.


Revenge of The FallenExcellent. The effects. Real. I mean, it looks as if its soooooo real! *applause* The storyline? Remember the last time when Sam defeated Decepticons? As the tittle goes, those bad robots are taking the revenge. Payback time ~

So the movie started with Optimus Prime telling and showing us that they now are working with human side by side in order to fight the hiding-bad-robots-that-are-still-exist-in-the world. The Decepticons are chasing after a small part of Allspark that Sam have which later he tosses it to Mikaela after he accidentally awakes the whole kitchen right before he took off for his college. Haha the parents are funny. The mom, I mean. She’s getting all teary because she saw a pair of baby shoes that used to be Sam’s >_< And Mikaela, fuhhhhh she’s hot! Burnin! Althought I don’t really get it. Her role doesn’t seems… Contributing to anything. As if she’s there juz to accompany Sam running around while being shoot at by the robots. Oh should I write anything about the hot Josh Duhamel? I mean, is there an army officer that looks soooooo hot like him? *Why did he choose to be with Fergie anyway? Shooo. Not my problem* In this movie, Josh as Major William Lennox and his partner, Robert Epps are an army man who had faith both towards the Autobots and Sam. And did you guys remembers Seymour Simmons? The irritating guy from Sector 7. Yeah that one. He’s here again, but this time he’s helping Sam and Troops in order to reveal the secret of those symbols that appears in Sam’s mind. And he’s funny >_<

Everything is blowed off

Everything is blowed off

Mikaela and Sam

Mikaela and Sam

Josh on the set

Josh on the set

There’s a scene where Optimum Prime was battling and looses, -die- because of protecting Sam which later Sam regrets the most because just before that he refuses to help Optimus Prime to explain to the ‘world leader’ the needs of Autobots to be here in the world. And there’s a scene where Sam -dies- too but suddenly wakes up after he meets up with the ancestors of the Autobots in his dreams. Haha. But hey, Optimus Prime are the real hero in this movie so he wakes up right after Sam did because Sam was holding the Matrix that allows to bring Optimus Prime back to life.

I don’t know why but I get bored for the scene where The Fallen are discussing with it mates on how to get Sam because of what Sam had in his mind and the fact that he needs to kill Optimus Prime since he’s the only one that can defeat The Fallen. Maybe its just me. And also they have a lot of _re-use_ set for the filming. One in the desert and a one time shot on a plane where inside it as if its a -mini military base- but I’m not so sure. Maybe its not.

So guys, get your tickets now!!! More info here at wiki.

Its 4.75/5 for the rating.

Last Friday went to send some money to my sis in UIA PJ and we went out for a movie with two of her friends at Mid Valley. This is my first time going there driving by myself and I got the wrong turn 2 times so we ended up taking a tour around PJ for almost an hour. Haha >_< Again, I was thinking of watching something else but my sis doesn’t like girly movie and she prefers something scarier so yeah, I watch something else in the end. Usually I would never watch something as near as ghost, thriller or horror let alone in a big screen but this is an exception because… I dunno. Because of my sis? Nah ~

Last House on The Left posterThe story is about a girl, Mari, and both her parents going out for a holiday at their lake house and suddenly needs to encounter a muderer at their own guest house. It is a 2009 American horror film directed by Dennis Iliadis and written by Carl Ellsworth and Adam Alleca. It is a remake of the 1972 film of the same name, and stars Tony Goldwyn, Monica Potter, Garret Dillahunt, and Sara Paxton. Info from wiki. Mari and both her parents are strong, I must say. I mean, Mari is able to run even right after she’s bring raped and can swim to the house even after she’s being shot and left floating on the lake. Sugoi >_<

Last house on the left 1The last house on the left 2Last house on the left 3The last house on the left 4At first I thought it was Rory from Gilmore Girls that plays Mari but somehow as the story grows, I realized that it is not her. And I was thinking that the subs are absurd, why Mari, not Mary? But then when I check the name is Mari, NOT Mary. What a name.

Rory, SaraNow tell me, don’t they look almost the same? Rory (her name is Alexis Bladel) on the left and Sara Paxton on the right.

4/5 for the plot of this movie.

I’m not a big fan of Zac Efron, but I’m a big fan of -very- ikemen (good looking) guys. Which girl would not be? >_<

After I-can’t-remember-how-long-I-didn’t-go-for-a-movie, yesterday me and my friend went to Summit USJ. I actually have Hannah Montana in mind (yeah I want to watch Hannah Montana the movie, so what?) but the timing is kinda, not suitable for us so that left us with this movie. Anyway we’re a very flexible person so as long as its not a ghost story, it’ll be just fine. Did I ever tell minna-san (you guys) that once I went to watch Don alone? Its a hindustan film by Shah Rukh Khan, just so you know >_<

We went in late around 10 minutes or so but I don’t think we missed a lot since right after we have our seat, Zac Efron appears! *melt*

17 Again Movie Poster

The story is about Michael O’Donnell (Matthew Perry) who lost everything he has; his wife is filing the divorce, both his son and daughter doesn’t want to have anything to do with him, he got no job and he have to live with his geeky millionaire bestfriend, Ned Gold (Thomas Lennon). One day he met a myserious janitor at his old high school and transforms to his old 17 years old self magically on the way home. With his second chance, he needs to make things right. Now possessing as Mark Gold, he re-enroll to the high school where both his kids were studying to get to know the kids more and trying to fix things.

Playing with the ballWhoah the way he plays with the ball was sugoi!! (awesome). I mean, he’s been playing with basketball since forever right? Other than that I guess this is just a simple plain movie and I don’t thing I get any message out of it >_< For the ratings, I’ll give a 2.5/5.

For those Zac’s fan, this is a must watch because man, no one can deny how hot he is >_<

Ok ok I know. I’m one of those people who’s left behind.  ^_^

Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire

The story evolved between 3 kids, Jamal, Salim, his older brother and Latika, a girl from nowhere. One day Jamal wins 20,000,000 rupee from a TV show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” but get caught by police for they assume that he cheated. They were totally wrong because all the question are related to what Jamal have been through so he gives the answer without hesitating. More info here.





I must say, this movie is a 4.9/5 rated for me. They’ve won 8 out of 10 nomination in an award festival, don’t they? Everything from the storyline to lines of actors was great! Some of the kids are from the real ‘under’ world too and Freida Pinto who’s an Indian model-without-any-acting-experience-before is so beautiful and delivered her character very sweetly. >_<

This movie shows how much our each day experience cost. As for Jamal, its 20,000,000 rupee.

*RM 1 = 13.6 rupee now as of 6/3/2009. Source from exchange rates.

1 MYR INR 13.6 INR
1 MYR INR 13.6 INR