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5 Tahun 5 Bulan

5 Tahun 5 Bulan

Another typical storyline BUT with different style of writing. And the lines too, hilarious! MUST READ!

Ana works as a maid while waiting for the interview to further studies; undercover, of course. The kids thought she came from ‘kampung’. She have to take care of 3 children + Along, their older brother. So I guess you can draw the storyline yourself now >_< But I strongly recommend this novel to you guys. Hlovate is the writer and my sis said that no one knows whether Hlovate is a he or she. 4/5 rating since sometimes he/she uses too many a line.


I used to be one of those Malay-novel-crazy girl back then in secondary school. I still read, but Ive lost my ‘ability’ to finish a novel in one day. The storyline maybe…?

Setiap JumaatSetiap Jumaat (Every Friday) is a novel wrote by Norhayati Berahim. She wrote many good novels before such as Air Mata Kasih and Egois. As for Setiap Jumaat, the story tells us about 2 people who have grudge to their own family because of misunderstanding occurs between themselves and their parents. The main character, Ku Pian and Jasmine both bring themselve to Japan in order to run from their family and accidentally met under a tree near a Mosque without knowing that they both have almost similar problem. One day Jasmine went back to Malaysia so they were apart but fate is on their side so they meet again and get married.

I think Jasmine is too childish. Her mother married her very-nice-and-good stepfather after her real father passed away more than 1 year; Jasmine can’t accept it so she ran to Japan for more than 8 years. How childish a person can be? Then we have Ku Pian. For me, the writer makes him looked really rude with her father but when he’s with Jasmine under the tree, he turns to be someone who is really gentle and sweet. 2 characters in a person? I don’t think he has that kind of sickness. Oh and 1 more thing I really don’t like about this novel. Kiss. She put in one kissing scene plus little dirty talk inside. In this country, I don’t think it is a proper thing to write.

Over all those negative things, I like the way the writer twist the character’s story. From 2 totally different families, they joined because of some coincidence that allows Jasmine and Ku Pian meet again. I’ll give 2.5/5 for the rating. >_<

This is an old book my brother left at home when he flies to German to pursue his studies. He gave it to my sister says “Read this, the book is good”. I only knew about the book after around 1 month he went; accidentally.

Tuesdays with Morrie

Tuesdays with Morrie

The story is about how a young man, Mitch, really looked up and respect his Professor when he was studying up until the last breath of the Professor, Morrie. Before his death, Mitch makes frequent visit to his home every Tuesday and learn about life, where Professor Morrie teaches him things he wont get in any school in this world.

The content of the book is like, chicken soup for your soul. Covering most topics in our life such as love and death, it moves us to think mostly about the things we missed throughout our journey in our life. When you flip through the contents page, it’s clearly stated there the title of the topic they will cover for that particular chapter. I wouldn’t normally skip pages when I read so I guess flipping the contents was like; getting the idea of the whole book. And by knowing the chapters itself, it makes me want to read more.

I especially love the way the writer brings us from the beginning of the story to the end, how he juggles them from previous and present events. And how un-bias he wrote about our real life that most of the times we tend to forget; sometimes we remember with no particularly reason. Most of all, what makes me think this is a MUST READ book is because of the words that came out from Morrie’s character; such touching and true words.

Quoted from chapter 4:

“Once you learn how to die you’ll learn how to live”