Mid Valley Money Changer

Posted: 04/01/2014 in Travel
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I’m going for a short 4 days trip to Taipei with one of my girlfriend so after much survey and consideration, I’ve decided to head to Mid Valley Megamall to convert money.

Actually you can refer to this blog for complete list of money changer in Mid Valley (I referred to this blog as well =P) but I will futher elaborate on one of the money changer that I went to convert my MYR to TWD (Taiwan Dollar, NT$).

The money changer’s run by Rapid Million Sdn. Bhd. and it is located INSIDE the NZ Megazine Centre shop. Unlike the other 2 famous money changer that is located right in the centre atrium of Mid Valley’s LG, this one changer sits right inside the small shop, quite hidden from public. Don’t just extend your neck from somewhere, you should walk right up to the front of the bookshop to be able to see the money changer.



Location : LG-013
Phone no. : 03 2287 2000

The current rate they are selling is 11.42/NT$100.

Tips: The exchange rates are all same between these money changers in Mid Valley so don’t bother to line up and join the long queue. Head to this one hidden money changer instead =P

  1. U Joe Lee says:

    In case anyone wants to go there after work, take note that this money changer closes at 8:30 pm (although the magazine shop remains open until the mall closes). The two money changers at the central atrium remain open until 9:30 pm or so (I dropped by at 9 pm on Thursday, 5 June 2014).

  2. Moi Son Lee says:

    I am going to China next month with a group of friends. Do you have any offers if we wanted to buy rmb in big amount?

  3. Chris says:

    Hi, there’s a new app called CurrenSeek which helps travelers in Kuala Lumpur find the best exchange rates. The app has live rates of many money changers in KL and also does comparison between the rates and money exchangers.


    Hope it’s news worth sharing and they are expanding to include more areas and currencies.

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