Mo.A Live in KL 2011

Posted: 05/12/2011 in My Events
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One day I was driving home from Nilai when Kak Arin texted me that SuJu is coming to Malaysia. I was like, really? I didn’t notice any of the news whatsoever. So I began looking for the news up in the internet and the rest is history; bought the free seating zone ticket with Sharida and Ira =D

When I first took my seat in the stadium I was pretty excited, but still calm. Then they started to preview the MVs so when Mr. Simple began, (each time Suju appeared in the screen actually) everyone started screaming. Baki from 8tvQuickie came near to our seat and started filming us with all the lightstick and fan-chant and we sang chorus of Mr. Simple. He even mention something about him being an E.L.F himself. Haha no kidding! Oh not to mention that we think that maybe more than 90% of everyone yesterday is an E.L.F hihi =D

Then the concert started. Miss A came on stage and performed the first song, Goodbye Baby. Sharida looked as us as if she just saw ghost coz Ira and me are singing along with the song. Haha. Sharida we are surpassing u! =P When the time they want to start Good Girl, Bad Girl, Miss A ask us to sing with them the chorus of the song. I was  amazed of how everyone in the stadium sang together with Miss A before the real great-performance of that song started. It feels like I’m watching TV. Hehe. Ira and me are sooooooo excited! U girls are hot Miss A! =D

Next is B1A4. They started with Beautiful Target and few more songs which is actually quite familiar to me but I can’t recall what the title is. Hehe. But great performance boys! You sure have big fans here. ^_^

When f(x) came up on the stage, the stadium goes louder; they are sisters to Suju and we definitely looooove their songs! ^^ The crowd went crazy each time Amber came up on the big screen while Sulli is so cute! I never mention this anywhere but I actually love Luna’s voice! =D You see, I was watching Running Man the night before and the guest was Luna, Sulli, Suzy and xx so when I saw them performing live on stage, it feels like its not real and funny. Haha. I’m not sure why its funny though, but u girls are greatttt! =D

Then the ‘real’ concert started.

The VTR displays Suju’s member one by one and everyone started screaming to top of their lungs; me too. Haha. Then Superman started. Much to my amazement, everyone disciplinly (is that word event exist?) stood up. Everyone stood up and the stadium went crazyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! I myself can’t control myself. Haha. If anyone know this, that I’m a DH biased but that night, I think I became an everyone-biased. Haha those guys are tooooo hot to handle! The fanchant, daebak. I didn’t memorize them but other E.L.F are so good with it, it became easy for me to chant along too! Hehe.

During Yesung’s solo performance for It Has to Be You (I soooooooooooo love this song!!!!), everyone in the stadium sang along and Yesung cried! Awww you sweet guy.. The most touching song is of course, Marry U. As expected, our very beloved LT cried, and it seems that most of the guys are holding their tears back too.. Saranghae!!

Then Miss A came out and bid their goodbye. Then B1A4. Then f(x). f(x) bowed to the audience then Suju came out and of course, in a long line, they bowed 90 degrees to us and we chant for SS4. We want SS4 so bad (we didn’t know that LT confirmed about Malaysia’s SS4 during press con before the concert). Yeayyyyyyyyyy! =DDDDDD

A 2 hours concert feels like 15 minutes and we had sooooooooo much fun and we thank everyone for their great performances and we wish that all of them will come again to perform here in Malaysia. But we do want them to have enough rest and be happy and safe all the time. ^^ Love you


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