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Fandom-ing vs Living

Posted: 30/11/2011 in Random


I separated those 2 coz fandom world is something I call little fantasy of mine; watching all those they prepared for us in order to entertain. I’m entertained all right, I really do.

Watching all those dramas make me fell “there’s someone out there existed for me” or “you can be anything u want, u can say anything u like, u can do anything u please”, etc. etc.

Yes I listen to the songs. I watch the MVs. I googled the meaning of those songs. I memorise those lyrics so I can sing along and pretended that I’m the singer performing on stage.

Then the reality hits me -how I wish I never involved in the fandom world.

Yoon Shi Yoon

Posted: 29/11/2011 in K-Drama


Currently into this guy soooooo much! Fall in love with his smile from Me Too! Flower. Didn’t notice he’s the Baking King’s guy -gonna watch this, definitely.

Puding laici

Posted: 27/11/2011 in My Events

Bahan2 –
5 biji telur
1 tin susu cair
1 tin laici
1 cawan gula
1 bungkus agar2

Cara2 –
1. Melt the agar2. Make sure air sikit je. Biar ngam2 tutup agar2.

2. While waiting, pukul telur. Jgn smpi kembang sgt, nnt agar2 berbuih but make sure it blends well.

3. Tuang air laici. Spare the buah for hiasan later.

4. Masuk kan susu cair n gula. Gula tu boleh adjust; depends nk manis bnyk mana.

5. Last step, masuk kan telur. Kacau. Jgn lama sgt tinggal atas api. Again, it will berbuih klu lama sgt.

Rasa agar2. Klu dah cukup manis, tuang dlm bekas then carik2 buah laici. Done! ^^

Selamat mencuba guys!

What am I?

Posted: 25/11/2011 in Random

I was working late last night and turns out that my bosses (+ the PA) is still in the office. The CEO then told me that this boss here keeps praising me so I told him to stop praising and give me money instead since I’m so broke. I have only RM 1; luckily I manage to buy a 90 cents bun using all syilings I have just now.

Why am I writing/typing/posting this crap again?


Posted: 24/11/2011 in Random

I don’t blog. Really. I have facebook, twitter, livejournal, me2day, etc. etc. so how am I going to keep up with all those sosial networking sites?

Answer: I don’t