Job. Work. Responsibilities. Fandom.

Posted: 09/07/2010 in My Events

OK ok I do realize that this is my 1st post after my -Hiatus Ended- post and I do realize that I should create another new post with the title ‘My 2nd hiatus ended’; maybe I should REALLY do that?

Anyway, my personal life sux -its not that I don’t have friends or whatsoever. In fact, I’ve met new super great friends (they call it colleague here) and my housemate is just great and my family as always are the best in my life but somehow, it felt so lonely to be alone —if you guys ever get the meaning of that 😛 [I’m not gonna rant about my personal life in this post -as if I’ll ever will]

My work is preventing me from my fandom; which I still really love. Last night I managed to download 1 episode of VS Arashi then this morning when I woke up I get to watch the 1st 10 minutes of it and much to my surprise, it felt soooooooo wrong to have not focusing on my fandom for so long! Gomen~~~!

BUT I know where I stand now. I’m no longer a student with much free time, I’m no longer once-I-was-young-girl that have no direction in life and I’m no longer a person that can play and twist around in how my life should be. I have responsibilities now. My family, my friends, my work, myself. My job needs me to keep my focus high up and just like what my boss always remind us; attention to details. Honestly, currently I’m still struggling with that since, well, you know, I’m a ‘alaaaaa ok la tu’ person so to bring myself to that level, it’s not an easy thing to do but I will try, I have to try, and I’m trying now ^_^

I’ll just make sure that I will stay alive to ensure my availabilities to perform my job well and of course, to not abandoning my fandom. Not just yet.

* I don’t think the title of this post suits. No?

  1. Aty says:

    waaaa…sian nyer ko…
    aku pon bakal follow ko soon…huhu
    cm xbest.. 😦

    • freedz says:

      Aish ade pulak org baca blog aku 😛 Thx babe =)

      Dapat keje dah ke? Kt mane?

      Hehe xde la teruk sgt sebenarnye kalau ko btol2 suke dgn ape yg ko buat ^^

  2. Aty says:

    baca ja…ko tu yg mls update…hehe
    dekat Petaling Jaya…
    tp tatau lg mo pg ke x…

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