Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge ep 1-3

Posted: 08/02/2010 in J-Drama
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As I expected, it was so different from the manga or anime but in my last post towards my eager-ness towards this drama I said that I was happy for Kame desu ne. And I still am! ^_^

The reason why I put Kyouhei’s the smallest is coz he will appear the most in my post(s) so I’m trying to be fair to all those 4 super-hot-ikemen guys ><

I personally love this –>

Sunako-chan (Oomasa Aya) looked so cute! ^_^And that Takeru-kun (Kato Seishiro), he’s so talented! I bet he’ll become one of those guys with big name one day! =)

Lets meet with Sunako’s bestfriends shall we… Hiroshi, Akira and Josephine. I am sooooo not going to have one of these in my home. Kowaii~~

The drama is so cute and although I think that Takenaga (Uchi) is so hot but he is so Hanazawa Rui-like. You know, the 2nd-lead-character-that-is-always-nice-and-know-everything-but-loses-the-girl-to-the-lead-actor type. I’m not complaining but everytime he does that ‘thing’, it reminds me of Rui (and some other character that I can’t recall right now) but yeah, he has the killing eye >_<

Oh and the song, Love yourself ~Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki~ by KAT-TUN, suki!! ^_^ Hahaha but I cannot watch the dance move in the drama. Kame and Yuya and Uchi must be used to dance and stuff but I cannot imagine Aya and Shuntaro (ballet and these kind of dancing is different, I supposed?) doing the steps at the beginning! XD I mean, really, the moves are so funny! And I was expecting it would be more… Presentable? Haha not the right choice of word I think but yeah, I find it funny >_<

The 1st Kiss!

Hug -sweet~~

Can’t wait for the Valentine’s episode! ^_^


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