The Rock is the Tooth Fairy

Posted: 29/01/2010 in Movies, My Events
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I remembered when I was in primary school, everyone was so crazy over World Wrestling Federation (WWF). All my guy friends are excited re-enacting the fight and all the girls were like, ‘oh please’ and very few that I knew; The Rock, Stone Cold, Triple H and some that I have forgotten.

I never liked it.

Then I started noticing The Rock (Dwayne Douglas Johnson) acting in few movies. Some that I remembered watching was The Mummy Returns, Walking Tall, The Game Plan and Get Smart and I even saw him as a guest in an episode of Hannah Montana. He’s got the looks (plus the hot bod) and I definitely approve of his talents ^_^

So last week went to GSC Queensbay Mall for Tooth Fairy and it’s cute ^^ The little guy in there (Chase Ellison) Randy sure is hot! =P And the little girl too. Kawaii! Don’t think I’ll elaborate on this one but this is one movie you should watch for those big fan of cute-sweet story.

  1. unknowntheartist says:

    I’m glad The Rock has lightened up his frame in the past few years. I used to watch him on WWF back in the day and he was just too big. But he’s definitely catching sexy eyes from me now, hehe 🙂 I really liked him in The Game Plan, he was very cute when talking with a lisp and even funnier as a gay security guard in Be Cool. Southland Tales was a pretty decent acting job for him too. Got to see his more serious side. I look forward to checking out the Tooth fairy. Who knew a pro wrestler would make such a great kids film comedy actor?

    • freedz says:

      That is what I was thinking. A pro-wrestler and an actor doesn’t seem like sharing any same hobby >_<

      I love him in The Game Plan too and since you've mention it, I'll definitely go look for Be Cool. And yes, you must check him out in this latest movie. I found that the guy kid (Randy)'s a hot stuff too! =P

      p/s: I've looked through your blog and it sure looks interesting! I'll spare my time later to read it ^_^ Shame on my empty-blog ~.~

  2. unknowntheartist says:

    with pro wrestlers, it looks like they are a popular commodity in film now, you only have to look at Stone Cold Steve Austin the The Condemned or John Cena in 12 Rounds and The Marine to see it kinda works, on some level (not for me, I just like The Rock, hehe).
    I think Disney tried to duplicate what Universal did with Arnie in Kindergarten Cop for Vin Diesel in The Pacifier but have seen the light with Dwayne Johnson.

    Thanks for your reply comment, believe me it takes a whole lotta time and patience to fill a blog. You’ll do just great! have an awesome day!

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