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I remembered when I was in primary school, everyone was so crazy over World Wrestling Federation (WWF). All my guy friends are excited re-enacting the fight and all the girls were like, ‘oh please’ and very few that I knew; The Rock, Stone Cold, Triple H and some that I have forgotten.

I never liked it.

Then I started noticing The Rock (Dwayne Douglas Johnson) acting in few movies. Some that I remembered watching was The Mummy Returns, Walking Tall, The Game Plan and Get Smart and I even saw him as a guest in an episode of Hannah Montana. He’s got the looks (plus the hot bod) and I definitely approve of his talents ^_^

So last week went to GSC Queensbay Mall for Tooth Fairy and it’s cute ^^ The little guy in there (Chase Ellison) Randy sure is hot! =P And the little girl too. Kawaii! Don’t think I’ll elaborate on this one but this is one movie you should watch for those big fan of cute-sweet story.