Girls Night Out – Sherlock Holmes

Posted: 14/01/2010 in Movies, My Events
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I don’t really want to watch this at first.

Had a fever right before my prototype but good thing that the prototyping went well so I really need to clear my mind and decided to go for a movie. And Nisa wants to watch this badly so yeah, its decided.

We all knew who Sherlock Holmes is, don’t you? I know he is a very good investigator, I knew that, but since I never read any of the novels so I practically can’t remember since when and how do I know about him. And the partner Watson, he’s good! Nisa told me that they are the best of partners and I really appreciate those who can really trust each other that well (yeah its fictional, so what? ><).

The fighting part; I closed my eyes almost all the time especially the slow motion parts. It looked hurt. And the CSI part; I love em! Hehe its funny how they did it back then. Its just the same with what we saw in present CSI stories only they don’t have these high-tech-computer-who-can-tell-you-everything-with-just-some-clicks. =D And the humor part; its relaxing. About the line of actors? Who wouldn’t want to watch smokin’ hot Robert Downey Jr. together with equally hot Jude Law?

Love it.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5. Must watch!

  1. nurin says:

    Tgk cite ni teringat buku bace kat library SMKA dulu. Buku sherlock holmes 2 mcm komik, ade gambar plus dialog. Oliver twist and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde pun ade. Carik kat kedai skrg ni dah x de jual buku cam2. Nyesal x curik buku 2 dulu.

    • freedz says:

      Hahahah nk curik pulak? Smpi hati btol. Da la library kite dulu buku bnyk tu je…. =PP

      Dulu aku x pnah minat baca buku org putih…. >_<

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