When You Say Nothing at All

Posted: 08/01/2010 in J-Drama
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Currently I’m too busy with project and all,  I practically stopped downloading J-stuffs. Seriously. I practically saves all the links and promise myself to download it whenever I have the time. I wish.

Last night I finished watching My Girl (I actually download it for first few  episodes but since torrent is blocked at school so I watch it at online streaming site shamefully. Gomen!) and I cried for the last episode. Well, there are actually some episode that makes me cry such as the moment where they promised themselves to tell everything to each other, and also the time where Koharu-chan cried badly because she misses her mom so much… As for the last episode, watching them part, its the saddest thing.

And Sho-kun really appears for like, 10 seconds only! >_<

Before My Girl, I finish up Tokyo Dogs (also the same case with My Girl; download at first but eventually have to watch it on streaming site. Jikan nai) which I found that this drama is actually cute. Maruo, of course. It is not easy to accept Maruo when he had a butler image before in Mei-chan. No? Hehe. Talks about Oguri-kun, he delivers his act brilliantly. Yeah he was a Hanazawa Rui before but in this drama, he’s a son to a very funny mom and he’s a partner to a very silly guy and he also loves Yuki-chan but never able to express it. I can say I’m highlighting Oguri-kun too much, don’t I? >_<

Currently waiting for Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, Code Blue 2, Tokujo Kabachi and Saigo no Yakusoku. Oh and did I mention about Kitano Kii? Currently I have interest in her since Domoto Kyoudai.

And I’m actually too busy with my project, I hardly have enough time to play around. Facebook? Yeah I played that a lot but compared to the time I spare before, now is nothing. Maybe I should limit my time right? ^^

Wondering about the title of this post? Atashi mo. Haha >_<

Akemashita omedetou! ^_^


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