Mini Reunion – Sungai Congkak

Posted: 04/01/2010 in My Events

This is what Laloq call mini, a reunion consist of 16 people. It is actually a revenge for him not able to attend the PD’s reunion before. Hehe.

Met at Titiwangsa’s Shell station around 10am; met with Ejud n his girl. Then Laloq and Bert (with Faiz, Laili, Tiqah n Apai) arrives followed by Ewa and Aisyah sport. Soooooo happy to see them! ^_^ Convoy to Congkak with Ijat leading (I’m with him together with Yani and Ruki) but since he haven’t been to the place for about 10years so we did some merry go round there =P Met Leesa, Tim, Maten n Cicak there. Then? Off to the river!! ^___^

After more than 3 hours ‘berendam’ in the water, we finally clean ourselves up (one of the reason was we didn’t do our prayer yet and of course, our dear Laloq is almost die of  hungry) so we head to Alamanda for our lunch. Or was it dinner? >_<

Karok time! Ejud n Leesa is the organizer now. Laloq said “the river part is done so its them now”. At first very few of us wants to do this but at the end, everyone had a very good time here! Oh except for Apai and Aisyah for not joining us in the room.

We, (Ijat, Ruki, Yani n me) excuses ourselves earlier (Maten and Cicak excuses themselves the earliest) since Yani needs to be at the hostel before 12 and my bus to Penang depart at 12 too.

I had a really good time and very happy to have come down to KL from Penang. Love you guys! ^_^

*special thanks and love to Ijat, for picking and sending us off. And to Laloq, for this great outing =)

  1. cax says:

    mintak maaf sgt3 coz kua awal…..
    ak ngntok gle khinzir n xlarat di samping susa cket nk masok ukm kalo ngn laki…hehe…
    sori guys… i LOVE u all….mmmmmmuuuaaaahhhh!!!he~~

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