Reunion 2000-2004 Batch – Port Dickson

Posted: 21/12/2009 in My Events

When Faiz 1st propose this, I was like, “ehh? Really?” as if it’s the last thing would happen in my short holiday but then when my parents told me that I’m allowed to go, I’m getting excited. I started messaging and contacting those friends I’ve never contacted before for a very long time. I thought a huge number of people would show up since, yeah, some of us have already work and some of them have finishes their study and since its on the weekend, why not?

12 guys and 8 girls showed up. Haha.

When Ummi and I arrived (19 Dec, around 3 pm), Faiz, Baha n Aisyah are there so we just unloaded everything inside the house (those guys are being really gentlemen by helping us to get our things and the chicken for BBQ from my car><) and we were like, waiting. Haha. Then they went out to buy some things and eventually everyone’s arriving at that time. Syam, Ejud, Maten, Rasul, Ewa, Benu, Bert, Jawer, Farid, Ramzi, Norin, Ann, NN and Tim. Naz arrived late at night while we are in the middle of BBQ-ing.

And it was really fun!

Those baka guys are all talking and doing strange things (like rescuing a chicken wing even though it dropped 2 times on the floor, Ejud with his mad-ly song, Rasul with his not-so-cooked-kerang, Maten with his gred A chicken) and everyone seem like laughing and really use that time to talk to each other. Well that’s what a reunion is what for, right? Hehe. Farid eats non stop! Haha ^_^ The girls? Hehe Tim seems busy interviewing everyone around her about everything and Ewa playing a guitar? Hahaha that is so cute! Me and Ann, gossiping!

That night those guys are so noisy, we girls are afraid some of the neighbors would really call a police to stop them! ><

Early in the morning Norin, Aisyah and Ummi prepared our breakfast. Faiz and Baha sure are early riser. Or so we thought. Farid came in around 9am I think, walking with his earphone and bag; he just came back from a stroll at the beach, we think. Haha. So then we went to the beach and yappari, the boys are enjoying the beach like crazy (it was Farid who literally jumps into the water 1st before we even get to put all our things down) and we girls rode on the banana boat. Boy it was really2 nice! Hontou sugoi! ^^

Checked out, have our lunch together and we split there. Sabishii desu… Chotto kanashii… =)

Other highlights and updates here and there: One of us are married (congrats Fizree ^^), some of us are engaged (congrats to Bert, Balqis and CC) and some of us are a couple now (congrats to Maten, Cicak, Ramzi and Norin). Those who are being too secretive, we better get your wedding invitation sooner or later! ^^ Most of us have another 1 sem to go while some of us are already working and there’s also who still have a long way to go. What ever it is, ganbatte ne minna-san! ^_^

Anyway guys, thank you for making all of this possible and for letting me to be who I really am while enjoying myself with you guys, I really appreciate it. Hope we can gather more people next time! ^_^


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