Johnny’s Next Big Thing

Posted: 02/12/2009 in Random
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Its Yamada Ryosuke. No? Ohh it’s Nakayama Yuma.

I have this envy+jealousy thing over those ‘kids’ younger than me who successfully made their debut but when I saw Chinen and Yamada in VS Arashi, Yuma in Koishite Akuma n Yuto in a Shonen Club show, I started to have some interest in them. I’m one of their fan now anyway =P

I’ve always thought that its going to be Yamada. You know, the ‘next big thing’ thing? Go youtube him and you’ll get tons of vids of him especially when you come across his concert performance. Its sexy I can tell. And he dances so beautifully and flawlessly and confidently! Have you guys watch his Hidarime Tantei Eye? A short drama where he acted along Yokoyama Yu and Ishihara Satomi (ooohhh love her! ><) and I can say, his acting is good! Kawaii-ly done. I especially love his face expression in it, its so real >_< So when I read the post about Yuma in livejournal, honestly speaking I was shocked since I’ve always have the image of Yamada standing along the same line as KimuTaku, Takki and Pi; maybe? I know there was Hikaru Genji and Matchy and all but I’m not too familiar with them so yeah, Yamada fits right into my head.

Some  of  the fan says that they should really take Arashi as an example; slowly take their steps and maturely prepare themselves to achieve of what they are today and I couldn’t agree more. Come on… How many years have Yuma really involved in the industry? How many dramas? How many singles? When Johnny’s debut his Jr. way too early for those kids, pushing Yuma to get through this as if a fast lane was prepared to him won’t get him to the top easily and many of us thinks that he won’t stay for long if it really happens. I obviously didn’t ‘approve’ of their appearance in Kouhaku; you guys knew about it right? Arashi deserves it but NYC with BIS? Don’t think so~

Its not that I hate Yuma or anything but when things like these happen (is it true that NEWS have less appearance because of highlighting Yuma too much?), it is just so not fair and sometime it’s kinda… Ridiculous?

Lets see whats gonna happen, kore kara.

*thanks to xinkoe who rote  in aramatheydidnt@LJ for the info and google search for images

  1. UMoon says:

    It might sound strange coming from a very late post, but I am anticipating something from Yuma. I don’t know what it is but he piqued my interest from the first time I saw him. He’s got a lot of pressure on him right now and I’m wishing Johnny would make him go solo soon cos there are too many people bashing him for being with Yamada and Chinen.

    Yuma’s been with TOP KIDS and Hey!Say! 7 West and finally appealed to Johnny who saw his potential in acting and singing. He had the main role in Battery (2007), the tanpatsu (fairly boring though) Samurai Tenkosei and finally the first romantic leading role in Koishite Akuma. So 3 leading roles consecutive since joining 4 years ago – quite a feat I must say.

    I’m interesting in seeing what he’ll become. Let’s wait and see. I would say Johnny must have been piqued as I was when I first laid eyes on him. Johnny’s not stupid enough to invest in a nobody who might not get him anywhere. There is a reason why Yuma is popular despite his young age. The fans know.

    • freedz says:

      Johnny’s not stupid enough to invest in a nobody who might not get him anywhere –> couldn’t agree more ^^

      Maybe the fact that he has been bashed onto Chinen and Yamada too much makes him kinda… submerged?

      But yeah, its all happening too fast! >_<

  2. Angela says:

    I agree, Johnny Kitagawa is not silly enough to invest in someone who has no potential nor talent to become a star.
    I think Yuma has what it takes to be the next BIG thing. People who bash him are either jealous of his luck/opportunities or maybe they are merely supporters of other boybands, YamaChii etc

    I believe Kitagawa has a motive of putting Yuma into boybands, although it’s rather obvious that he wants to groom him. However, I will not be surprised if Yuma goes solo one day (many people are also wishing so now) coz he has what it takes

    3 dramas in 4 years..if you watched his dramas, his acting is pretty good for an actor his young age, and his singing is good too. He can dance as well. He’s really a talented boy. Great potental star of the future.

    But above all, I think Yuma has just that stage presence and charisma that draws people’s attention esp when performing on stage. He’s not shy about his dancing, has great singing technique, a great performer in the making.

    Maybe it just cuz all this happened too fast and people are wondering why Kitigawa places so much attention on Yuma that makes them wonder..but I believe all this is for a good cause.

    • freedz says:

      Yup the acting is good, and to be honest the reason why I started to ‘like’ him was Koishite Akuma. ^_^

      Talks about charisma, I can see and I know most people realize that it is something we can never learn. Its in you. And Yuma have it. (but seriously, I think Yamada have stronger aura, if you get what I mean :P)

      Again, maybe it is all happening too fast.

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