Kame’s New Drama – Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Posted: 30/11/2009 in J-Drama
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Yay for Kame! Hehe ^^ Though I’m not a fan of Kat-Tun, but I’m happy that he will finally ends his long holiday. We’re aware of what a bad thing is when an idol like him gets too much holiday don’t we. Happy happy >_<

And what makes me exited is, it is a drama is a live action of a manga (its Perfect Girl Evolution in onemanga.com) and the drama will feature Tegoshi Yuya too! Te-go-shi-desu! Haha. Oh and the girl too, Oomasa Aya as Sunako Nakahara. She’s so sweet! Remember Pi’s sister in Buzzer Beat? Yup she’s the one. The first time I recognize her was Mei-chan no Shitsuji, she plays as one of Mei’s (Eikura Nana) classmates.

Read the manga, watched the anime. Definitely going to watch this! (^_^)v

*thanks to maple_star who wrote in aramatheydidnt@LJ for the info and google search for images.


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