A Tiring Day? Nah~~ It was fun!

Posted: 25/11/2009 in My Events

My yesterday’s (24 Nov 2009) activity.

Woke up at 6.30am at Enstek, can’t go back to sleep. Samui desu. Too cold! Then prepare the breakfast with my mom and finished clearing everything by 10am. Move back to Subang Jaya around 11.30 and arrive home 30 minutes after that. Waited for my sis (Oya); have to send her to Sunway Pyramid together with her friends.

12.30 got out from the house and sent Oya. Went back home and ready to watch VS Arashi SP. Hehehe. But wait! After 3.45 minutes of watching, my bro Lun, “Kak Nis, can you please send me to Sunway Pyramid?” and I was like ‘What the %*^&? Why didn’t you come too juz now when I send your sis over there?’ but he keeps smiling and shamelessly begging so yeah, I drag my 2 sis to accompany me to waste my time at Sunway too (I’ll claim my prosperity later from you Lun =P)

Ate at Wendy’s. You know, I just want to know what is the differences with McD and curiously wanted to know about the price. Its more expensive by RM2 or 3. But the fries is good, I’ll have to take back the best fast food’s fries award from McD and hand it over to Wendy’s. And the Chicken Wrap (gomen I’m not sure what its called over at Wendy’s but that is the name in McD so I’ll just call it that) is so good! Hehe I’ve always love a wrap and at Wendy’s they put in cheese inside and the chicken portion too, it is just so nice! ^_^

Watch my bro Lun play bowling, and then move to ice skating. We watch for a whileonly since its not enjoyable to watch him keeps falling down (we don’t think he’s skating. He’s actually walking and ice skating is not about walking at all) so we head home by 3.30pm. He returned home by 6 with his friends.

At 5.00pm my mom ask me to go to Jusco One Utama since its the 2 days J-card members day; and it was hectic! I just don’t understand why people would want to shopping that way. My mom is OK though, she manages to buy few things and we decided to go to Ikea instead. That was before my mom receives a call from Abah. “Lets go to Mydin. Abah’s home and he wants to go buy things”. We canceled the going-to-Ikea thing. (Audi, thanks bro. You helped ^^v)

Arrived home and almost had a heart attack. Abah is watching VS Arashi on my laptop! At first I was curious why is it my VS Arashi is running. I’m pretty sure that I paused it before I went out but then Abah said “I want to watch” and I was like, ‘uh-oh. This is it. Abah will never allow me to surf the net 24 hours anymore and he might take back my laptop’ but a miracle happened, abah is laughing and totally enjoying the show! Even my sis joined him. He said “this game show is good for your IQ and strategy”. Hahaha bikkurishta! Hontou bikkuri! Anyway Abah, I’m the one who don’t understands you, I’m sorry but I’m happy that you ‘approved’ of what I’m watching. Lets watch this again together next time! ^_^

So we went to Mydin (it was delayed until almost 8.30pm because Abah want to finish watching his VS Arashi ^^V) and Abah choose for me my sport shoes. Oya wants to make truffles and I want  to make my custard pudding so we look for our ingredients together while Abah n Mama did their shopping together. Adik wants a pop corn (she calles it PAP CORN haha). Tanoshikatta! I was fun!  ^^ Arrived home around 10.30pm later.

Today (25 Nov 2009) I’ll go fetch my sis @UIA PJ then go straight to another sis @UIA Nilai.


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