A Month

Posted: 16/11/2009 in Random

See I just finished my exam and super sadly, I had a really bad fever 3 days before the exam starts. Chikuso. I mean really, this semester I spent almost everyday n night in the library and I rarely miss any class and I took all the assignments wholeheartedly but in 3 days, I almost forgotten everything. Even went to the exam with -bees- in my head.

FYP fever is starting; loveeeeeeee my supervisor, Puan Norlia, she took all her students seriously and we were like, having weekly meeting just to update everyone with everything. With that, I don’t really have time to play. We even did a pre-presentation before the real presentation. Kinchou desu! But yeah, this too, helped me prepared to what I’m supposed to prepare on the real day with the examiner.

My family did a BBQ a.k.a slumber party at Enstek, with everyone there except me! Kirai desu. I can’t go back at that time since I have a stupid test the very next Monday. Hontouni, I’m really going to work near KL or Selangor when I graduated. A must!

My fandom? Never lessen each day. Currently watching My Girl where Aiba is the leading actor with super cute girl, and Tokyo Dogs which pairs Mizushima Hiro and Oguri Shun as detectives. My Girl is soooooo sweet and I can say, from the 1st episode, Aiba is really improving in his acting skills. Ganbatte ne! Tokyo Dogs are really funny to watch! Both are soooooo talented, without doubt, and the pair looks good together too. Hiro-san…. =P

Curently craving over Domoto Kyoudai and I’m afraid I shall admit this, I’m starting to fall for Koichi-kun. Kakkoi! Hahaha =P Oh and Yamapi’s Loveless. Seriously it took me few days to get -hooked- to the song but the PV is so sweet! And Arashi no My Girl no PV. All 5 of them as brothers? So cool! ^_^

Anyway, a  month without any post.


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