KimuTaku’s Pride

Posted: 13/10/2009 in J-Drama
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Why is it that there’s no one forcing me to watch this drama before? One of the best! ^^


Buzzer Beat has just ended but frankly speaking, it was nothing compared to Pride. Both have love stories, and both are athletes; Pride with ice hockey and BB with basketball but yeah… I found that Pride have more values and stories in it while BB focuses mainly to the 2 main actors. ONLY. Ok ok this post is not meant to compare these two dramas but yeah, couldn’t help it since I’m so not a big fan of KimuTaku before; too biased to Arashi and Pi =P

People aged. I knew that. Everyone is. I don’t really remember if I have watch any of KimuTaku’s drama before but -I think- the first drama of him that I watched was Mr Brain. And he looks awful in that.

This is him in Mr Brain:

Kimura Takuya - Mr. Brain

This is him in Pride:

Kimura Takuya - Pride

See what I mean…? But yeah, I know he’s a legend and again, everyone and everything will age. I will officially finishes all his dramas -after the final exam of course.

Pride ne… He’s hot in there but he’s not the HOT stuff hot thing. You know, the kind of hot because he’s sweet and strong on the  outside but actually is very fragile in the inside yet he’s the best kind of friend you’d love to have -that kind of hot. And I think I love to watch athletes; they are mecha mecha hot in jersey and awfully kakkoi when they are playing around in the game. And KimuTaku portrays it so lovely in this drama and I especially love his facial expressions. Feels like I could watch him forever. Haha exaggerates =P

pride_dvd_ep01_1st Match

The storyline is OK too accept those who are not so lovey-dovey-drama-fans like me wont be finding this drama amusing. Haha did I choose the right word to conveys my feelings?

The conclusion is, this drama is a MUST! ^_^

  1. Ventego says:

    Thank you! You often write very interesting articles. You improved my mood.

  2. nurin says:

    Suke OST cite pride.. I was born to love you by Queen

  3. farhah ghazali says:


  4. simoe says:

    I will admit I came upon your blog by accident, looking for a photo of Kimu Taku. but I have to comment that I agree with you about Pride. I discovered that drama and watched it recently, and I think it is terrific.

    And I recommend watching his other dramas, like Beautiful Life, Hero, Change, Karei naru Ichizoku, etc.

    On his looks, I think part of the problem in Mr. BRAIN is his hair. It is too long, the style of someone in their 20s, in fact longer than he wore it when he was in his 20s. I saw him a couple of weeks ago on TV in Japan, he had had a haircut, his hair was darker, and he looked great! [it was a relief].

    • freedz says:

      Haha yeah, he STILL looks great and I personally thinks that it must’ve the charm he have that makes everyone are so glued onto him.

      I’ve watch all of those dramas you listed but I must say, Pride and Good Luck are my favorites! ><

      Thanks for dropping by!

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