Yamapi’s Single and NEWS DVD

Posted: 28/09/2009 in Random
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Pre-order it now! ^_^ For those Malaysian fans who would like to ask for my help to order it, you may do so. Leave a comment below and I will come back to you. Note that I will place the order after minna-san has deposited the money to my bank account (gomen ne but I will only use Maybank account here) and please bank in the exact amount because I don’t want to get into trouble returning the balance back to you >_< And minna-san can order anything else too, not necessarily for this album only.

Do acknowledge that a 0.5% of total order is needed for currency conversing since the transaction will only be done in dollars, not our RM currency.


Loveless (SINGLE+DVD)(First Press Limited Edition A)(Japan Version) – RM 70
Loveless (First Press Limited Edition B)(Japan Version) – RM 56
Loveless (Normal Edition)(Japan Version) – RM 44

NEWS Live Diamond (Normal Edition)(Japan version) – RM 224
NEWS Live Diamond (First Press Limited Edition)(Japan version) – RM 264


Loveless (w/DVD)(Limited Edition Type A) – RM 56
Loveless (Limited Edition Type B) – RM 45
Loveless (Regular Edition) – RM 38

NEWS Live Diamond (Regular Edition) – RM 220
NEWS Live Diamond (Limited Edition) – RM 242

Alternatively, you might want to order it yourself ^_^


  1. azida says:

    hi there, i’m from malaysia too and i would like to ask for your help to buy yamapi’s new single.. onegaishimasu..^^

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