What a Day

Posted: 17/09/2009 in My Events

This year me n Nisa bought the return ticket flight from Pen-Kul-Pen together but we get different seats since Abah bought for me earlier. Yesterday was hectic.

I purposely woke up late because I feel toooooo lazy to go to Dr Nasriah’s class that morning at 10am (honto gomen!) but at the end I have to wake up too because someone is complaining that I’m parking my car at his/her lot. Duh~ Then Aslee and I keep trying to reach our friend, Fiza from McD because she said she can look after our cats but she’s unreachable. We started to panic. SPCA wouldn’t accept them because the obaachan there says that our cat needs vaccination, 2 weeks monitoring, etc etc. Whatever. Then we decided to put them in a cage so we went to Toby Pet to buy one; it was 5.00 and there’s so many cars on the road and we kinda get stuck into the traffic and Nisa and I needs to be at the airport not later than 7.

Arrived home at 6 something, with big cage for Bulat and Adik. Rushed to go buy our dinner at Mcd below around 6.30pm or so and manage to be at airport at 7. Checked in and buka puasa at McD and went in to departure hall slightly before 8. Our flight was scheduled at 9 but it got delayed until 9.45pm.



Waiting area

Waiting area

Gate 9A

Gate 9A

You see, delayed flight is something we cannot help or do anything. Nisa and I are kinda annoyed when more than 20 people, I think, went and ask the flight attendance about the flight. I mean, yeah, do we get to sit on an extra plane or something? ~~ And yesterday it was… Chaos? Just imagine, they have 2 different flight departure-ing at the same gate at the same time and also at that very moment passengers arriving from only-god-knows-where are using the same gate as what we are using.

The plane finally flew around 9.45 or so but I’ll forgive them since I really like the head flight attendance, Mr Johari. Hehe =P



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