Dongeng Rakyat and a Laptop

Posted: 04/09/2009 in My Events, Random
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So this morning we were having our ‘sahur’ and suddenly we started to talk about ‘dongeng rakyat’. When I was little I used to read these kind of books a lot and I can still remembers some of them. Haha but I think I don’t read enough since my housemates know so much more than me =P

Why chicken can’t fly while birds can – the birds have a needle; a gold needle which will allow them to fly if it was sewed to their wings. One day the chicken ask to borrow it because he wants to fly too but he lost the needle when he only finishes one side of the wings; because of a thunder. Since then the chicken keep scratching the earth to find it and only able to fly really low.

How peacocks are colorful and crows are black – they used to be bestfriends and one day they found paints. They want to paint each other. The crow paints the peacock first but when the crow’s turn comes,  the peacock accidentally poured black paint on the crow’s.

Haha that is some of the story I can remember. I tried to search for it on the net but as expected, I can’t find it. Maybe I’ll try with different keywords later. ^^

ACER Aspire AOD250-B
ACER Aspire AOD250-B

So yesterday Abah bought me a laptop. its an Acer Aspire AOD250-B. LOVE ABAH!!!!! ^______^

The thing is, I want to give my current laptop to my sis. She’s using the one my bro left but the specs are terrible and she needs better laptop so she can do her work properly without keep asking to borrow from her friends. I want to buy a new laptop since maybe-early-this-year so I ask Abah for his opinion. I actually wants to pay for my new lappy mself but poof! In less than 36 hours, Abah SMS me “Abah bought the red color for you”. Yatta!!!!! Thanks Abah! ^__^

(I actually wants the black one but Abah said “the red one is nice too” so I said “Abah like the red one, is it? Red then, its OK for me” but I don’t have the slightest idea that he would pay at that particular moment XD)

(the pic shown is the lappy but not the one Abah bought for me since I didn’t get the lappy yet =P)

  1. NN says:

    how can you don’t tell me about it!!! ceh… xpe2..
    tp, bukan ke sjrah laptop ko mmg cam2??
    gtaw je kat abah, pehtu terus dpt..

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