Series of Unfortunate Events

Posted: 28/08/2009 in My Events

Well, this is the story of my unfortunate events yesterday (27 August 2009)

I have a class at 9am but woke up only at 8.45am; already in class at 9.05am (imagine how fast was I that morning)-
No air-cond in class, not to mention how I heavily sweating as if I just took a 100m sprint run by the time I took my seat-
Bikkurishta! I have a listening test today; sooooooo not mentally prepared!-
Took about 15 minutes searching for my sensei’s room up until level 3; the room is actually on the ground floor (again, I’m sweating like crazy)-
Its raining -super duper- heavily by the time I’m done with sensei; I parked my car too far and I don’t have anything on my, literally, I have my car key ONLY. Waited for an hour for the rain to slow down-
Went to bazaar at 6, a stupid baka kuso guy cheerily took my parking spot which I’ve already waited for about 10 minutes.



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