What is Happening to Me?

Posted: 27/08/2009 in J-Drama

I’m currently having a Nakayama Yuma fever. Blame Koshite Akuma for that (seriously I don’t have the slightest idea how did I get to that drama).And I don’t usually hanging around my lappy to watch someone with less number of age from me running and singing and acting and dancing around- I just can’t accept it. But this time around, -sigh-, I’ve been stalking HSJ’s, NYC’s and Nakayama Yuma w/B.I Shadow’s LJ for about a week now and I just can’t stop staring at him ><

Nakayama Yuma

Nakayama Yuma


He is a one very hot vampire! ^^ So I’ve watch the drama until ep7 and yeah, I really couldn’t tell that he is indeed a 15 yeas old boy! Gosh. Why do younger guys have to be super hot?


Maybe I’ll write my review when the drama finishes ><

  1. NN says:

    did you also downloading it?? hmm, book for 1!!!! lalala~
    hate the celcom 3G coverage here, i can’t focus on my study… (ehh, ade kaitan ke?? haha)

  2. NN says:

    babe, menurut member aku.. kat saloon area umah aku ni ade stylist muka lebih krg cam yuma, cme mata die ni sepet sket.. yelaaa, acuan cina malaysia… hehehehe…

  3. fernanda says:

    i cant believe… he is soooo young!!!!!!!! i’m 17 years i’m older!!!!! i just want to cry!!! he is soo kawaiii neee??? kizz_me@live.com.ar

  4. bestvampire says:

    Hah, this drama is so better than friggin’ Twilight saga! However, I really prefer him with Nanami! x(

    @fernanda – lol and I thought i was too old!

    Anyway, I’m only 4 years older than him! If he can date that 25 year old, then I can have him! xD I swear I don’t look 21 at all. xP

    If you guys don’t believe me, go to: facebook.com/ainokatamari or myspace.com/komictwin002 lol xD

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