Arashi vs Assignment + Quiz + Test = Toggling

Posted: 26/08/2009 in Random
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Arashi is one thing that I can never resist. I’m growing to know and love more J-artistes but in the end I’ll still be looking or their clips or PVs or dramas; whatever. Just couldn’t help it.

Riida begging for handicap XD

Riida begging for handicap XD

Yamada @VS Arashi

Yamada @VS Arashi

Last night I’m supposed to finish a quiz, finalize my Nihongo class’ assignment and study for my test today but as the tittle goes, I was toggling all of that with VS Arashi where Chinen and Yamada comes as the guest. They are so funny (both Arashi and those NYC boys) and super cute and adorable; I was repeating the same VS Arashi for about 3-4 times and still, I don’t think I’ve had enough =P

Few highlights: Sakumiya’s baka-ness when they are about to start the Rolling Coin Tower – Nino’s expression when he made the coins fell – Riida’s threatening Chinen to delete his email eddress from phonebook at Falling Pipes – Arashi’s begging for Jun to ‘repair’ the marks – Jun’s kowaiikunai face to Yamada. And I notice one more thing; Riida is talking and acting very leader-ness this time around! Maybe he wants to show his good side to Chinen-kun? Hehe. All are LOVE! ^^

And ever since I completed the tracks for Arashi’s new single album, Arashi 5×10 All the Best!, I keep repeating the 5×10. I was… How to say? That song has a nostalgic feeling in it? I even like the remix version of it (note that I’m not a big fan of remixes).

Arashi 5x10 All the Best! Album cover ^^

Arashi 5x10 All the Best! Album cover ^^

Total selling for 1st 3 days for All the Best! album are over 750,000 copies, sugoi!!! Like I used to say on my post before; Arashi saiko-desu! ^^


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