When you Have a Week

Posted: 21/08/2009 in My Events

I practically do nothing.

I have an assignment (its not an assignment; its a scrapbook. Haha) and a quiz to attend to yet I procrastinate till the end of my holiday week to get it settle with. Its so hard to work under no-pressure. I know, its not good. Sigh~

Last Wednesday went to see NN, Yamah and Apai at UiTM Shah Alam. Its been more than a year since I last met Yamah and my my, she doesn’t change at all! The same ‘ol sweet Yamah. ^^ And Apai, I dunno what happens but she lost her weight! She said she walk a lot. Haha. I’ll come to follow you on that darl. =P NN just came to Penang to give us a visit (she always do), went to her house and get to play with her roommate’s sis’ guinea pig. Cho kawaii!! We just sat by the lake and talk. Miss you guys!

Laili… Sorry… We don’t really have time that day so can’t go to your place… Next time we will. Promise!

All my siblings are home for 1st day puasa tomorrow, of course Sabree is not. Omoshiroi! ^^


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