An Earphone and A Mask

Posted: 17/08/2009 in Random

Yesterday took a 5pm bus from Penang to KL; arrive at Masjid Jamek train station at 10 pm, took a  train to KL Sentral and the 10:30 pm’s train to Subang Jaya has been delayed to 11 pm. Good thing I took my earphone with me. You see, we never talk anymore; not to some strangers beside you. As far as I was watching, 3 out of 7 people are listening to their mp3 or mp4 or phone or ipod. Me included. I used to not to listen to any gadget before while traveling but somehow nowadays if I’m traveling without anything inserted to my ears, I will get bored easily. I tend to get tired faster too.

I was sitting, waiting for my train at KL Sentral underground station and I saw many people with their earphone attached to their ears makes me think: white earphones are way more cooler that the usual black ones =P

H1N1; who wouldn’t know about this virus right?  To date, in Malaysia alone we have thousands of cases; 64 died and 33 are in the ICU because of that virus. Due to this circumstances, I saw many people are wearing their mask yesterday. In KL they were almost 2 out of 5 people wears the mask compared to those who live in Penang, they are not many who are aware of the usage of the mask.The government even stand a rule that for those who are inspected of H1N1 virus but not wearing any mask will receive some sort of punishment or so. Source from Berita Harian.

I was thinking, can wearing a mask really prevent those people around you or yourself from getting infected to the virus?

Oh! And 2 foreigner were asking me way to Petaling Street and I’m super ashamed because I don’t know it either! I promise to know it well before my next trip.


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