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Posted: 12/08/2009 in My Events

Most of my friends are graduating today.



Most of them are of the same faculty as me, Computer Science and I do have few friends from Housing Building and Plannig (HBP). During my 1st and 2nd year, I buzy-ed myself by being one of the person responsible to merry-ing the carnival but last year I took my break because I was doing my practical and this year I made myself resign from all those things since I was still active in Rakan Muda last year (filling the emptiness because of not joining Convex’08). Basically, this is my 1st time to have the feeling of graduation day.

Oh and I’m surprised! Shamsul Azuan Mostar is here! Haha he’s a friend from secondary school and he’s here because his sis are graduating today. Bikurishta! So glad to have bump to you today, Shamsul. ^_^

Took some picture with some of my friends graduating but there are so few since I’m not able to meet everyone on this day:

Basha, congratz!


Congratz Umi!

Congrats to Sahrul and his friends!

Abg Fiedon, big congratz to you!

Umi and Fati, congratz!

Who's graduating?


(Minna-san, sotsugyou omedetou! – Congratulations on your graduation!)


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