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Posted: 06/08/2009 in My Events, Random, Song
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Huahhhhh…..! I’ve abandoned my blog for almost a month! Yikes!

So yeah. I’m busy with classes and all but actually I’m not that busy. Its just that… I can’t find the mood like I used to have last time when I’m in holiday at home. But I’ll still write; I still find blogging is a nice thing to do as it keeps track of what I’ve been doing each day, or week, or month =P

Nihonggo class is fun. Rika-sensei wa yasashi desu -> I’m not sure if its correct or not >_< but I love new things that I get to know in class. You see, I already knew my hiragana before going to class and I do know some of the words that sensei are using so I’m kinda… Show off? Nah~ But I can’t resist myself from saying out loud whatever things that I knew. Thanks to all the dramas and shows I’ve watch and also my friend, I find it hard to differentiate the formal and casual usage of everyday conversation. Haha. And I need to work on the numbers as well; it keeps giving me headache everytime I tried to say the numbers with correct positioning and all.

My PERL class is fun! The lab tutor are acting like a celebrity; so some of my classmates were calling him that but for me, he’s forces me to concentrate in class and everyone knows that concentrating is very important in order for you to understand. And the lecturer is so funny and so intelligent too! For my other class, its called Management of Information System if I’m not mistaken and I love the lecturer too. Puan Rosnah made us discuss things in forum and she made me read the book; which I never did before. Oh and yeah, in this class we need to do a case study so me and my group decided to do on a -rumah orang tua- and so far I just love my group; all are responsible and its not hard to get cooperation and so I want to give my best too. Gambaremasu!

Hm few weeks back Desa Saujana held an event, it was called Expo ICT, maybe, and I went there just to look around. My friend bought some things for their lappy while I have my eyes on one of the laptop they have there but yeah, my economy condition doesn’t allows me to even ask for the price. Sigh~ So I went for blood donation. I don’t have any idea why I find that blood donating is a fun thing to do; it is not, but I went anyway and I will do it again in the future. Donating is good, ne =P

As a fangirl… I’m currently following Buzzer Beat; Yamapi’s drama and I try to download Orthros no Inu and Niini no Koto Wasurenaide (I’m not so sure about the tittle) both have Ryo as the actor but so far the internet at my house hates me so much it limits my download and I can’t torrent in my school’s network and I can’t download any .001 part from school too. Buzzer Beat is so different from any Pi’s drama before so yeah, I find it really interesting to watch and even though I do have the idea of how the drama will end but I still want to know how the story evolved. Hate Pi’s hair though… And Keiko is sooooooo cute! Oh not to mention those basketball guys; HOT!

Currently I’m collecting all the Arashi no Shukudai-kun episodes and out of everything they have only 1 or 2 that is -boring- and now they have almost 150 episodes. Arashi is crazy! XD Looooooove their Everything single. Besides Ans, of course I’m following VS Arashi too and I just discover another show that gets my attention; Domoto Kyoudai. OMG those people are hilariiiiiious! Seriously, for those who never watch it, you might want to YouTube it now. Its crazy, trust me. Both Domotos are total baka with those innocent face.

Ok this is my latest favorite PV from Domoto Koichi-Ayakashi and the other one is B’z-Ichibu to Zenbu (Buzzer Beat theme song)

Domoto Koichi is one of the kyoudai in Domoto Kyoudai (note that both of them have nothing to do with each other relatively) and he is also one of KinKi Kids guy and this is his latest single and it got to top the Oricon’s daily ranking chart on 28th July 2009. Love the move and something in this song gets my attention. And I just love the energy from B’z song. It got to the top of the charts on 4th August 2009. Source from oriconcharts@LJ.

  1. nurin says:

    Jgn lupe checkout Kinki new album.. J album…

    P/S: X sangke betul tajuk album 2 “J album”.. Ingat kan lepas “I abum”, kinki dah stop gune tajuk album ikut huruf… Hope dieorg nye album sampai huruf

    • freedz says:

      Smpi Z? Whuahhh… Hahaha xkn kot…

      Hehe konsert diorg pon ikot huruf kan. Mmg da expect la kuar J tu ><

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