Start of New Semester

Posted: 15/07/2009 in My Events, Random

Its been more than a week since I posted anything here. Am I busy? Well… Sort of ~ >_<

So this morning I was extremely early for class. I thought it was 9am but actually the class wont start until 10am. Haha baka janai desu ka ne=P So I decided to head of to the lab and write something -I really2 have to *discipline* myself to find some time to write here or else I wont be updating my blog at all.

Last week my Japanese class started and I manage to get Rika-sensei’s class because my friend Nisa says that she’s the best out of those very good sensei-s. As what I have expected, I get quite bored with the class since I already knew the hiragana character but then I take it as an advantage; I don’t have to work hard on that then, I can concentrate on other subjects ^_^ I do learn new words and ways how to say things or asking questions and I’m so loving it! I mean, having someone right before my eyes speaking japanese makes me excited. Haha ^^

Last monday was the 1st episode of Buzzer Beat. I was planning to watch it through keyhole TV but totally forgot about the time differences. At the time it airs, I was busy browsing for Jodi Picoult’s book at Borders. Even my mood changes at that time but manage to get hold of myself because I don’t want to spoil other people’s mood when they have nothing to do at all with my -passion-. Since it’s really2 damn popular, the raw file is up within few hours so I get to watch it on Tuesday; without the subs although the truth is I can only really understands about 25% only. Haha =P But I do understand what is going on ^_^

I really hope I will manage myself better for this semester =)


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