Sakae Sushi and Ice Skating

Posted: 02/07/2009 in My Events

I have very few close friends from primary school. I have lots of friends but the one really close to me, to name them, is only 5. Or is it 4? Or 3? >_< Atikah, Izzah and I rarely sees each other, we don’t even text each other but we make sure to hang out at least once a year and the best thing is, although we met that few, we still are having fun each time. It is already 12 years this year; long enough to read each other’s mind, eh >_< For this year, we went to Sunway Pyramid yesterday.

3 of us

So this year we decided to get some Japanese style for our lunch (currently me and Atikah are super crazy over J-pop and J-dramas) because before we went to fast food, Secret Recipe, Domino’s Pizza, Nando’s and few more places I can’t quite remember. This is the 1st time for me and Atikah so Izzah is our guide today. Hehe gomen ne Izzah, next time we’ll get the steamboat okay ^_^

Sakae Sushi

We were so full ~

Ok next event, we went to ice skating. Yeah!! xD Again, this is me and Atikah’s 1st time so (yes, again) Izzah lead us the way. At 1st it was hard! Its the ice for god sake. But after few really slow round, I get the idea on how to proper slide but yeah, every once a while I almost fell but that doesn’t happen, not until Atikah knock me down and I fell with a big bang on my head on the ice. Ittai! Haha but hey, she doesn’t mean it and one of the coaches there are helping me back on my feet. The reason why there is coaches everywhere was because starting today they have this kind of tournament so most of people skating around us are pros. Some of them are so little; playing around like it was nothing. Sugoi ~~

Ice Rink
Izzah said that we are not allowed to bring in the camera so we kinda short of pic here. Oh not to mention before that we wandered around the shopping complex to find a belt for me before we play >_<

After an hour of skating (seriously we thought we wouldn’t last more than 15 minutes), we played basketball at the game arcade and went to have our dessert at Waffle World.


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