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Posted: 29/06/2009 in My Events

Arrived home at 12 midnite from Penang on Friday together with Nisa; with a max speed of 90km/hour for a car, a 6 hours drive sure is tiring. Early on Saturday morning I drop Nisa at Sunway Pyramid where her family is waiting. I passed out that afternoon. Around 4 or 5 in the evening, my Aunt and Zafryn came. Yay!

Then on Sunday morning went to Pyramid, my Aunt wants to be a ‘carpenter’ so she decide to get all her tools at ACE Hardware (which later we realized that they have one shop in Summit too) and we had takoyaki (plus ebi-yaki to chicken ham with cheese-yaki), sushi and a big giant bottle of grape juice and apple juice for our lunch. My Aunt gets her P1 WiMAX there *envy*

A little promotion here. The WiMAX thing is cheap! And its fast. Initially you need to pay RM 100 then only RM49/month and its mobile; you can bring it everywhere. As for the signal, since we live in one of the most advanced place in Malaysia, so it is so not the problem. The only problem is, its kinda big. About the size of a Big Mac box. But hey, with fast and cheap surfing, carrying that thing sure is not a burden >_<

Later in the evening me and my mom went out to send new glasses to my sis in Klang then off to Nilai to send my other sis then our last stop is at UIA PJ, sending another sister. I’m soooo tired of driving for another 6 hours in 3 days so that nite I dozed off in front of my didn’t-shut-down lappy.