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That was shocking. OK I’ll admit that lately I’m so into Jpop and Jdrama I almost forget that there is other part of the world that still exist but I do try my best not to left behind; at least not to this big big big really big news.

Nisa was checking her mail this morning through my lappy and when she logged out, the tittle of an article in the front page catches our attention. So this morning through all radio stations, we’ve been listening to the same news with Michael’s song over and over again. And I believe that rotation of song will continue for at least 3 days.

Honestly I’m not a big fan of him but there’s one video clip of his song that I really really love when I was a kid but I can’t recall the tittle of the song. The video clip has these elephant that is shot dead and everything is crumbled and dead too but towards the end of the video clip, the thorn is there back and everything come back to live. Mannnnn can’t remember at all although I have it ringing in my ears right now! And I used love his song “You Are Not Alone” and “Smooth Criminal”; I mean, who doesn’t, right? (to name few of his song that I remembered).

Yup, you are not alone.

Okay everyone is so busy pre-ordering the album now through CDJapan, YesAsia, Play-Asia and HMV but in CDJapan, for the LE they’re out of print already (seriously it sells like hot cakes)

Greatest hits album release from ARASHI includes all 31 single tracks from “ARASHI” to “Crazy Moon – Kimi wa Muteki -” and a new song. Limited edition includes bonus disc “ARASHI’S Selection” includes 10 songs selected by the members. Also includes 40-page booklet (details subject to change) and features alternate jacket.

Pre-order it now ^_^ For those Malaysian fans who would like to ask for my help to order it, you may be to do so. Leave a comment below and I will come back to you. Note that I will place the order after minna-san has deposited the money to my bank account (gomen ne but I will only use Maybank account here) and please bank in the exact amount because I don’t want to get into trouble returning the balance back to you >_< And minna-san can order anything else too, not necessarily for this album only.

Do acknowledge that a 0.5% of total order is needed for currency conversing since the transaction will only be done in dollars, not our RM money.

RE – RM 122
LE – RM 183 (out of print too -_-)

RE – RM 113 (not including shipping fee yet)

RE – RM 118 (not including shipping fee yet)

Alternatively, you might want to order it yourself ^_^