Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Posted: 25/06/2009 in Movies
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Read this carefully. YOU MUST WATCH THIS MOVIE !!! And when I said watch, it means you have to go and get your tickets now and watch it on the big screen, not the pirated CD version one >_<

Last night I went to Golden Screen Cinema’s (GSC) site and tried to book the ticket because yeah, its Transformers, its gonna be blast! I choose to take the option where I can pay it up online and from there we can choose our seat. To my surprise (I am actually not sure whether I should be surprised or not) to see that they opened 3 halls for Transformers alone for the 8:30 screening. And I choose not to take this time because all 3 halls are almost 3/4 booked! There’s even a hall with occupied seats up until the most front seat possible. Whoahhhhh do you know what this means? It means I have no choice but too buy the ticket right away and we chooses to watch the earliest screening, its 11:30 in the morning because I want to go see my lecturer in the evening.


Revenge of The FallenExcellent. The effects. Real. I mean, it looks as if its soooooo real! *applause* The storyline? Remember the last time when Sam defeated Decepticons? As the tittle goes, those bad robots are taking the revenge. Payback time ~

So the movie started with Optimus Prime telling and showing us that they now are working with human side by side in order to fight the hiding-bad-robots-that-are-still-exist-in-the world. The Decepticons are chasing after a small part of Allspark that Sam have which later he tosses it to Mikaela after he accidentally awakes the whole kitchen right before he took off for his college. Haha the parents are funny. The mom, I mean. She’s getting all teary because she saw a pair of baby shoes that used to be Sam’s >_< And Mikaela, fuhhhhh she’s hot! Burnin! Althought I don’t really get it. Her role doesn’t seems… Contributing to anything. As if she’s there juz to accompany Sam running around while being shoot at by the robots. Oh should I write anything about the hot Josh Duhamel? I mean, is there an army officer that looks soooooo hot like him? *Why did he choose to be with Fergie anyway? Shooo. Not my problem* In this movie, Josh as Major William Lennox and his partner, Robert Epps are an army man who had faith both towards the Autobots and Sam. And did you guys remembers Seymour Simmons? The irritating guy from Sector 7. Yeah that one. He’s here again, but this time he’s helping Sam and Troops in order to reveal the secret of those symbols that appears in Sam’s mind. And he’s funny >_<

Everything is blowed off

Everything is blowed off

Mikaela and Sam

Mikaela and Sam

Josh on the set

Josh on the set

There’s a scene where Optimum Prime was battling and looses, -die- because of protecting Sam which later Sam regrets the most because just before that he refuses to help Optimus Prime to explain to the ‘world leader’ the needs of Autobots to be here in the world. And there’s a scene where Sam -dies- too but suddenly wakes up after he meets up with the ancestors of the Autobots in his dreams. Haha. But hey, Optimus Prime are the real hero in this movie so he wakes up right after Sam did because Sam was holding the Matrix that allows to bring Optimus Prime back to life.

I don’t know why but I get bored for the scene where The Fallen are discussing with it mates on how to get Sam because of what Sam had in his mind and the fact that he needs to kill Optimus Prime since he’s the only one that can defeat The Fallen. Maybe its just me. And also they have a lot of _re-use_ set for the filming. One in the desert and a one time shot on a plane where inside it as if its a -mini military base- but I’m not so sure. Maybe its not.

So guys, get your tickets now!!! More info here at wiki.

Its 4.75/5 for the rating.


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