Nishikido Ryo – 2 Upcoming Dramas ^_^

Posted: 25/06/2009 in J-Drama
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For those who doesn’t know, Ryo is one of NEWS member and also one of Yamapi’s bestfriend >_< He’s so adorable and sweet but most of the time I need him to eat more; he’s too skinny. He doesn’t talk much and yet he’s one of the biggest figure in JE’s circle. Like what Shige said in Shonen Club Premium, Ryo’s Kingdom. Hehe. So far in NEWS I like him second after Yamapi but I guess its because he makes drama as much as Yamapi did so yeah, due to that fact, it also contributes to my fandom-ness towards him.  >_<

RyoI’ve watched Attention Please, 1 Litre of Tears, Ryusei no Kizuna and moving on to Last Friends; all of these featured him and he is so sweet and I feel like hugging him >_<

So now he will have 2 upcoming dramas; Niini no Koto wo Wasurenaide and Orthros no Inu! Yatta!^_^ Watch these!

Ok a little bit of fandom-ness for Yamada. He’s young but he’s hot! Surf for him in youtube and u’ll find tons of vids of him! >_< Alright2 back to Ryo ^_^ Well I’m sure he will do really well in this drama because he’s really good in being sad and haha, yeah maybe because usually he’s very quiet around his friends that give him that image. Whatever it is, I’m loving u honey ^_^

Who doesn’t know Tackey? He’s a legend in JE, that is after Takuya Kimura, I think? =P Honestly, I’m not too familiar with him but I do know he works backstage; producing and all and there’s rumors that he is one of the candidates to take over JE someday. Quite a big impression ne. He’s also the godfather to Yamapi. In fact, one of the reason how and why Yamapi exist today as an Idol was because of him; Yamapi joins JE because he wants to be like Tackey and he even get his nickname from this legendary man. Whoahhhh ~ ^_^

So I’ll have 3 dramas on my waiting-must-watch list, of course the famous Buzzer Beat is on top of everything and these 2 upcoming dramas. Yeah!!! ^_^


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