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Last Friday went to send some money to my sis in UIA PJ and we went out for a movie with two of her friends at Mid Valley. This is my first time going there driving by myself and I got the wrong turn 2 times so we ended up taking a tour around PJ for almost an hour. Haha >_< Again, I was thinking of watching something else but my sis doesn’t like girly movie and she prefers something scarier so yeah, I watch something else in the end. Usually I would never watch something as near as ghost, thriller or horror let alone in a big screen but this is an exception because… I dunno. Because of my sis? Nah ~

Last House on The Left posterThe story is about a girl, Mari, and both her parents going out for a holiday at their lake house and suddenly needs to encounter a muderer at their own guest house. It is a 2009 American horror film directed by Dennis Iliadis and written by Carl Ellsworth and Adam Alleca. It is a remake of the 1972 film of the same name, and stars Tony Goldwyn, Monica Potter, Garret Dillahunt, and Sara Paxton. Info from wiki. Mari and both her parents are strong, I must say. I mean, Mari is able to run even right after she’s bring raped and can swim to the house even after she’s being shot and left floating on the lake. Sugoi >_<

Last house on the left 1The last house on the left 2Last house on the left 3The last house on the left 4At first I thought it was Rory from Gilmore Girls that plays Mari but somehow as the story grows, I realized that it is not her. And I was thinking that the subs are absurd, why Mari, not Mary? But then when I check the name is Mari, NOT Mary. What a name.

Rory, SaraNow tell me, don’t they look almost the same? Rory (her name is Alexis Bladel) on the left and Sara Paxton on the right.

4/5 for the plot of this movie.