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Back from Kampung

Posted: 22/06/2009 in My Events

Okey so last Friday we went to my grandparents place in Perak; I went with my Aunty, her daughter and another 2 of my sis. My uncle was supposed to come too but at the last minute he have to go outstation, so, its girls time! ^_^

We arrived at midnight, my granny has already prepared our mattress. Yatta! ^_^ But you see, Zafryn (my lil cousin) has been sleeping half the way from KL so she’s kinda… Energetic? All of us couldn’t sleep that night because sha was rolling and rolling all over the place and couldn’t shut her eyes. Then the next day my granny made nasi lemak for me (because I purposely requested it the night before >_<) and all of us went out to Teluk Intan to get my granpa’s glasses. We had KFC for our lunch (yup both my grandparents eats KFC too =P) and make a tour to some other shops as my granny wants to buy things. And guess what did I found? A durian jajan. Yayyy!! ^_^ We bought some empty DVD’s too since I have less than 1GB in my external harddisk and less than 15GBs in my lappy  in both C and D drive (minna-san can guess what stuffs I have, ne >_<)

That evening we passed out.

Early on Sunday I watch my Aunty cooks fried mee (I really cannot say that I’m helping her though) which again, I requested it from my granny the night before >_< and practically do nothing that afternoon. After Zuhur I watch my Aunt make her kerepek sukun. Oishii desu! ^_^ My granny are busy-ing herself collecting spinach and sukun for us; she collected it soooooo much she divided it into 3, one for me, one for my Aunt and another 1 portion to my other aunt. We left the house at 5.45 in the evening.