I’m not a big fan of Zac Efron, but I’m a big fan of -very- ikemen (good looking) guys. Which girl would not be? >_<

After I-can’t-remember-how-long-I-didn’t-go-for-a-movie, yesterday me and my friend went to Summit USJ. I actually have Hannah Montana in mind (yeah I want to watch Hannah Montana the movie, so what?) but the timing is kinda, not suitable for us so that left us with this movie. Anyway we’re a very flexible person so as long as its not a ghost story, it’ll be just fine. Did I ever tell minna-san (you guys) that once I went to watch Don alone? Its a hindustan film by Shah Rukh Khan, just so you know >_<

We went in late around 10 minutes or so but I don’t think we missed a lot since right after we have our seat, Zac Efron appears! *melt*

17 Again Movie Poster

The story is about Michael O’Donnell (Matthew Perry) who lost everything he has; his wife is filing the divorce, both his son and daughter doesn’t want to have anything to do with him, he got no job and he have to live with his geeky millionaire bestfriend, Ned Gold (Thomas Lennon). One day he met a myserious janitor at his old high school and transforms to his old 17 years old self magically on the way home. With his second chance, he needs to make things right. Now possessing as Mark Gold, he re-enroll to the high school where both his kids were studying to get to know the kids more and trying to fix things.

Playing with the ballWhoah the way he plays with the ball was sugoi!! (awesome). I mean, he’s been playing with basketball since forever right? Other than that I guess this is just a simple plain movie and I don’t thing I get any message out of it >_< For the ratings, I’ll give a 2.5/5.

For those Zac’s fan, this is a must watch because man, no one can deny how hot he is >_<


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