Posted: 16/06/2009 in My Events, Random

I have 8 siblings, and I’m 21. Assuming each of us, that is 10 by the way including our folks, bought at least a book each month for 15 years (add up all our ages and divide by 8; and any books will do), so by now we should have:

10 person x (15 x 12)years = 1800 ~ books

Well I personally don’t think we have that much of books but yeah, maybe we do have that  but I can’t really tell since we -scatter- it all around.

My mom and dad has been asking me to clear the mess up (trust me, there are sooooo many unused very old book you can’t even read; that doesn’t include all those papers where we used for studying before) but I don’t know why only yesterday I have this mood to do the cleaning thing. I even ask -permission- from my sis-s and bro to throw away all their papers (they have been ignoring those since each of them finishes SPM) >_<

Piled up. Off to recycle! ^_^

The bad thing was, I forgot to take a -before- picture; I have the -after- picture only. What a waste *sigh


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