Hi deary Leesa. This post was made just for you ^_^

HpI’ve done the comparison, you might want to download it here.

If I were you, Wi-Fi will not be my priority. Of course, having them will make our life a lot more easier but considering the bills, if I were you, I might want to reconsider. As for the 2nd camera, which idiot created it at the back right? I mean, yeah just like what you said, what the heck >_<

For the camera, G900 wins; I mean you’re not into photo blogging right? >_< Then for media player, there should be no big problem since Sony handphone is widely known for its best sound and vids (mind the W series since it is a Walkman so they do have their own player but for me, the normal player is good enough).  For the entertainment part they were equally specified; not a problem then.

SpecAnd I think I’ll make my stop now because if we look at all of them as a whole, G900 wins man (that is after considering the stupid-at-the-back-2nd-camera, of course, and you said you wanted the Wi-Fi thing right?) (trust me honey, I do read all the spec line by line) ^_^

If I’m going to choose for my very own phone, I’ll go for G900 >_<

*dunno did I leave a comment on your blog or not honey? My connection is *kinda* too slow

  1. leesa says:

    my dear anis…
    i actually asked the promoter which i called her as ‘amoi’ (hehe.. mls nk tnye nama..) she gile brsungguh suggest me to take g900.. but i refused since wifi is not my priority too.. (same like u!)
    but she gave me an explanation which make me think twice.. but now i think bout that thousand times.. sampai tido xlena, mandi x basah.. but x smpai bau busuk k..kekeke

    she told me about wifi.. actually,we dun hav 2 pay for using wifi.. unless u r using gprs to on9 tru d fon..
    ehmm.. its juz like u go to starbucks n everybody knows that starbucks got free wifi.. not juz starbucks, any mamak stall, faculty or anywhere which have signboard ‘free wifi here’..
    then u sit down n open d laptop n start to on9 n start to ym-ing n start to facebook-ing n start to bla,bla,bla..
    so u dun have to pay for it rite?

    so same goes to this kinda wifi..
    juz on9 tru ur hp when u r in free wifi zone..
    so i was like ‘ternganga’ time tu..
    then i was like ‘ok nak2’
    but then, my mum asked me to think again n again..
    so until now, i cant ‘duduk diam’ anymore..hihihi

    hey anis.. i really appreciate ur great effort (sanggup baca line by line.. big hug!!)..
    n thanks for ur opinions!!
    thank u sooooooooooooooooooo much babe!!!! mmmmmmmuuahhhhh777!! hehehe~

    • freedz says:

      I get your point about WiFi and all that ^_^ but, IF I were you, having it is a plus but without that WiFi thing is a OK condition too. Unless you were so into this blogging thing until you cannot leave home without it, then it is a MUST! =)

      Since that stupid camera issue is resolved with G900 and due to the fact that WE are not too picky about the Wi-Fi thing, (and its a good thing that G900 have it) then for me that phone is the best. But of course honey, its yours and it depends to your prioritize ^_^

      The reason why I’m so concern about this phone thing was because my sis and a friend currently made a mistake buying the most suitable phone for themselves so they ended up not satisfied; for the rest of their life I guess, so it might be good for us to take this things into considerations since money doesn’t grow on trees, don’t they? =P

      Happy buying new phone! ^_^

  2. leesa says:

    ahaks! money doesn’t grow on trees!! u r rite!!!!
    well, no matter how cheap sumtin is, i will regret if i bought sumtin that nver satisfy me at all..heh
    btw, can i make a video cal without that ‘what-the-fish’ idiot cam?
    stil wondering.. no spec bout front cam in d comparison rite?
    or aku yg rabun ayam babun?hihihi~

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