Buzzer Beat – Yamapi’s shooting Scene

Posted: 15/06/2009 in J-Drama, Random
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Yesterday the whole nation are excited to watch a short video clips on youtube regarding Pi’s shooting scene. Even newshfan@LJ sub it really2 fast it shocked me! Anyway I love their work and will never complaint. Yakusoku! (promise) ^_^

Pi Buzzer BeatA friend from facebook told me that there’s a girl pretending to be Masami in Proposal Daisakusen and shout “Kenzou” and everyone including Yamapi are laughing.  Hehe sounds like fun ne. Then Yamapi saw that the audience are tired so he dance for them. Awww sweet…. Who’s tired now, ne ^_^

I read a blog post saying that there’s one time where he’s supposed to miss a shot but he keeps putting in the ball through the ropes ^_^ Its harder to fake a shot ne, Pi-san? ^_^

*picture taken from A-chan’s Yamapi Fan Site >_<

  1. nurin asyika says:

    Ape kate try tgk cite Mr. Brain.. tengok kimutaku la plak, asyik yamapi je =]… hiro pun ade skali.. cameo dlm cite 2 pun ramai yg best..

    • freedz says:

      Haha sorry honey, can’t help it >_<

      Mr Brain yek. Yup mmg ade dlm waiting list aku. So far following Atashinchi and currently watching The Quiz Show. Hope by this Wed bley start on Majo Saiban. Then ade satu drama Takuya Kimura yg aku x igt pe tajok dya, tp nk tgk jugak. Haha busy gile x aku.

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