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As you all know, I’m one of Yamapi’s fangirl. End of story.

Well lately I’ve been hooked up with Ryo; I’m watching all his drama and currently *eagerly* waiting for his new drama. And I realizes that I love to listen to Kei-chan’s talk. Then I found out how sexy Shige’s voice are. And I suddenly have a soft spot on Massu and Yuya’s cuteness. OMG >_<

So here is NEWS! *drumroll please ^_^

news2008From upper left: Takahisa Masuda (Massu), Tomohisa Yamashita (Yamapi), Yuya Tegoshi (Yuya)
From lower left:Keiichiro Koyama (Kei-chan), Ryo Nishikido (Ryo-chan), Shigeaki Kato (Shige)

*more info here

Some of their songs that are currently in my tracks:

Koi no ABO
MOLA (Yamapi’s single and his performance in Shonen Club early May this year was SEXY!!)
Sayaendou (One Piece the Movie 7’s OST; can’t get enough of this song!)
Daite Senorita (Kurosagi OST; Yamapi’s single)
Hoshi wo Mezashita
Gomen ne Juliet
Fever to Future (GYM’s; Y is for Yamapi as for the G and M I can’t recall, sorry)
Ai no Matador
Chiarizumu (Kei-chan and Shige’s)
Nanto Kanarusa
Taiyo no Namida

That is some that I’ve listened. I believe if I ever listened to all their songs, I’m gonna put that up all in my playlist because currently I’m listening to Happy Birthday, NEWS Nippon and Boom! Boom! Power as well >_<