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Abah’s Birthday

Posted: 01/06/2009 in My Events

Yesterday was my dad’s 47th birthday. Not too old eh? >_< My mom bake a really nice chocolate cake, but too bad it’s only me and 3 sis plus 1 bro are at home last night. She bake the cake really big, we assume it would last till 3 days to finish =P Before that in the evening, we went to a wedding ceremony of my neighbor at Enstek, Nilai. We couldn’t get the pic of the bride though; we came too late in the evening. Here’s the cake plus some pic at the wedding:

My ‘activity’ for yesterday was: Send my sis in UIA PJ – Attend wedding ceremony – Send my sis in UIA Nilai – Back home watch Code Blue – Send things over to my sis in UIA PJ – Celebrate dad’s birthday at home – Continue watching Code Blue and Ryusei no Kizuna – Sleep