Trip to Zafryn’s House

Posted: 29/05/2009 in My Events

I never drove to Serdang on my own. >_< It’s a good thing my Aunty is really good in giving directions. Thanks to that, I manage to arrive at her house safely without any mistake. Oh just so you guys won’t get confuse, Zafryn is my Aunt’s daughter, which makes her my cousin. Hehe. She’s around 1 i think. The last time I saw her, she’s about to stand already but today I get to see her walk! And her talks of course, which I cannot understand at all >_<

Here are some of her pics:

She’s too cute…! And a very good girl. Like any other kids, she plays on her own, didn’t bother us at all. Kawaiiii ^_^ She bite he dad like mad so beware boys! >_<

My Aunt cooked chicken pie for us (its us because I went with another 2 of my sis). Oishiii ~~ ^_^ and she served us prawn with ‘lala’ (I do not know what do they call that in English =P). But the bad thing was I forgot to take the pic of that delicious pie… Too busy paying attention to Zafryn I think >_<

Maybe I’ll visit her again next week ^_^


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