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Posted: 28/05/2009 in J-Drama, Movies, Random
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Today is my 5th day at home, and I have so much free time that I tried my best to not to finish 1 dorama in a day >_< Since my 1st day at home, I managed to pull out until 4 days to finish a Japanese drama, Attention Please. Yay! ^_^ Then yesterday while I was swearing about my internet connection, accidentally I watched Pocoyo in my television. My youngest sis is watching, of course >_< Then I remembered one movie I watched in Astro, Just Cause. Suddenly I realized that I ‘watched’ my lappy far a lot more that I watch television >_<


Misaki and Shouta

Misaki and Shouta

Attention Please is an old Japanese drama in year 2006 (not so old actually). They even broadcast it in Malaysia around last year at 8tv, if I’m not mistaken. The drama evolved around a boyish young girl who her life was surrounded by more boys than girls, Misaki Yoko (Ueto Aya), which at first is a rock star turned to be a cabin attendant. As we all can expect, at first she’s having so much trouble into getting the idea and to keep hold her wants but at the end (of course), she managed to be the real cabin attendant after so many problem she caused her instrustor and classmates.Look at d-addict for more info.

Ueto Aya is too cute! ^_^ Her expression seems correct and touches every heart that watches the drama. She even make us smile =D But throughtout the drama, I think that Misaki is too annoying if we ever across someone like her in real life. The friends are too kind by not saying anything and accept her just as it is although they just meet. I like her spirit though, never give up. And her friends are cute too, each with different personality. And of course, Nishikido Ryo kawaiiii…. >_< He plays Shouta, an engineer who graduated from flying school but can’t fly big planes bacause he involved in an accident that makes his eyes needs to be operated before. I actually doesn’t find him handsome and all that, but I think his eyes were adorable. =P A friend of Misaki, Wakamura Yayoi played by Aibu Saki likes Shouta and Misaki cheerfully supported her but at the end, Misaki herself realizes that she actually likes Shouta but because of their friendship, she keeps it quite. I think both of them look so cute together especially the part where Shouta flies a plane in order to console Misaki. Seems like Shouta is a very reliable guy. Kakkoiiii….. >_< I’ll rank this drama 3/5 stars based on the storyline but I’ll give 4.5/5 to Ueto Aya for her performance.

Pocoyo together with Loula and Elly

Pocoyo together with Loula and Elly

Pocoyo is a very cute boy! Haha at first I saw him in the TV, I was like, he’s sooooooo cute! ^_^ The cartoon origins from Spain, and now broadcasted in Astro, sorry I canot recall the channel; I’ll ask my sis once she gets home from kindergarten >_<       **She’s back and I asked; its PlayHouse Disney Channel (613)**

Pocoyo and Friends

Pocoyo and Friends

The main character is Pocoyo, dressed in blue and always 4 years old (like, forever). He is accopmanied by another 4 characters, a duck named Pato, an elephant named Elly, a pet dog named Loula and a bird named Sleepy Bird. I’ve never watch this before so I don’t really have any idea of how the story is but I believe it is about Pocoyo’s everyday life with his friends trying to figure things out. And I knew the show ends with a dance because by the time I watch it yesterday, it’s ending already >_< When I ask my sis what the story is about, she can’t tell too since they have different issue every day, I guess. I think all kids are like that, watching cartoons with little understanding but at the same time they gain little by little. Hope so =P

Just Cause

Just Cause

Move on to the movie I watched few days ago, Just Cause. I found out that there’s a game with the same name because when I google it, the game appears. I practically have to look for Scarlett Johansson first, look into her filmography, then only I was able to come to the real Just Cause that I want >_< This one is a very old movie, because little Scarlett Johansson is too cute and talented in there! ^_^ The movie is about a murder case occurs few years back then and a proffesor digs it back intending to know what exactly happens. You can find the info here. I found the storyline is typical; someone gets an electric chair punishment – someone wants to save him or her – other person appears claiming the one that actually commit the murder – that other person found quilty – that someone is freed – something happends to the family of the investigator – actually the freed someone is actually the real murder – the murder is caught or killed – end. The reason why I want to blog this is because I saw Scarlett is too cute in this movie!

From this:

Scarlett Johansson in Just Cause

Just Cause

To this:

Scarlett Johansson now

Scarlett Johansson now

Sweet! ^_^

Oh! Yamapi’s name in his new drama is known; Uwaya Naoki. Hehe cute! ^_^

  1. NN says:

    oit, hehehe… sje je..
    dok bce entry sal attention please, aku ingat ko de gak nak nyelit sket2 sal drama astro ‘awan dania’ y jalan cite die lebih krg je.. hehehe~

  2. freedz says:

    Awan dania? Cite Melayu?
    Hehe aku nih tgh lupe daratan sket =P
    Channel pe? Pkol bpe? Ade lagi x cite tu?

  3. NN says:

    hampeh dak ni…
    hehehe, mmg lupe daratan sampai 1 cite melayu pun die x ingat. huhu,citer astro ria,
    skrg ni kalau x silap,
    de lagi ulangan, tp x confirm kol brape…
    ko try laa usha kat you tube..
    cte die lebih krg je, tomboy nak jd FA, 3 kwn baek.. sorg mekanik y sgt2 teringin nak jd pilot, sorg pelatih pilot y konon cam bes.. huhuhu~

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