Sent my sis to UIA

Posted: 26/05/2009 in My Events

Arrgggghhhh!!!! The internet at my home sux! _^^_ That is one main reason why I can’t  blog. GGGrrrrrr……. I’ll never complaint about the internet at my home in Penang ever again…. Gomennasai!


Last Sunday we all went off to send my sis. We go by 2 cars, one with my parents together with my sis who’s going to UIA, and I drove another car with my grandparents and another 2 of my sisters. My parents took off 1st, so I was late behind. The journey (should I call it journey?) from Subang Jaya to Petaling Jaya took only around 15 minutes but since there were registration day, we were stuck in the traffic for about 20 minutes. After few discussions, we decided to head back home. Haha. I pity my grandparents as they look foward into sending my sis off. She’s always like that. Last time when I registered for my matriculation at Kedah,  she want to come too. Then when I got accepted into USM Penang, she came along too. Such energetic grandmother I have ^_^

Yesterday me, my mom, sis and my youngest sis went to PKNS Shah Alam. My sis wants to get a haircut. At the end, all 3 of us gets our haircut done >_<


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