I’m home ~ at Last

Posted: 24/05/2009 in My Events
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Phew! Yesterday, after 6 and half hours of traveling, I finally made it to home! ^_^

At first my mom or dad are supposed to get me at Perhentian Duta, but then they went to a ‘kenduri’. I tried to call my long-time-since-children friend but he didn’t pick up so that left me no choice, but to travel from KL to Subang Jaya myself. The route would be from STAR; Plaza Rakyat -> Masjid Jamek to PUTRA; Masjid Jamek ->KL Sentral and KTM; KL Sentral to Subang Jaya. From Subang Jaya they have bus Mini to USJ but I arrived at my last station too late, no buses are there. So again, without any choice, I waited for my mom.

My route

My route

  1. rukie says:

    ahaha sian ko.. xpe la da lme gak pe ko x travel naik tren

  2. freedz says:

    Wahhhhh x cukup2 ke aku travel dari dlu…
    Anyway aku jln slow2 jek mlm tu ~ smbil dgr lagu.
    Hihihi best jgak.
    Smpi uma tros lapo sbb mase bas berenti mkn, aku belasah tdo.

  3. rukie says:

    tdo dlm bas.. it is sooo anis.. hHhAha

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