Yesterday everyone (I knew from blog and sites) were so excited talking about Yamapi’s new drama. Yatta! ^-^

1st the news stated that the title would be Match Point but they recently changed it to Buzzer Beat – Gakeppuchi no Hero early this morning. Well at least that’s the time when I open my laptop and found out about it  =P But I’m not sure too as I didn’t really do any check on the title.  Later if I have any updates, I’ll let you guys know ^_^

What I find it interesting was, everyone (most of them) is not very happy with the line of cast.

Plot Summary: This is a youthful love story depicting how a man, working for a company sponsored basketball team, who’s not very self-confident but straight-forward and a woman who is cheerful but strong-willed with an attitude grow up through the trials and tribulations of love and friendship. Main role is Yamashita Tomohisa while the female role of the woman the man falls in love with has been given to Kitagawa Keiko. The cast would be Yamashita Tomohisa (Code Blue), Kitagawa Keiko (Sailor Moon), Aibu Saki (Zettai Kareshi), Kanjiya Shihori (Hana Yori Dango 2; guest), Ito Hideaki (First Kiss), Mizobata Junpei (Hana Kimi).  Source from news_jpop@LJ.

Yamashita Tomohisa, Kitagawa Keiko, Aibu Saki, Kanjiya Shihori, Ito Hideaki, Mizobata Junpei

The fans are fussing over Yamapi together with Keiko in this drama the most because it seems that they have this one kind of gossip thing going around them before. From what I read, one of Keiko’s fan site was awfully banned because Yamapi’s fan did not ‘approve’ of the gossip. I can’t remember the source anyway, sorry -_- It was around 2006 if I’m not mistaken. Hmmm that was way before I’m into this Japanese thing so I’m kinda lost here ~



I’m happy that he will come up with new drama, disregarding the fact that he’s acting with Keiko or whoever. I just want to see him acting and if possible, seeing him change his hair style back to his ‘normal’ hair ^-^ As his fan, I think that whoever he chooses, is really not our business. Such young man like him growing up without love is kinda sad, don’t you think?

  1. rukie says:

    ohoh ade abg zettai kareshi..~~ yeah hahaha

  2. freedz says:

    Mane de abg Zattai Kareshi

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