Microsoft SQL Exam

Posted: 22/05/2009 in My Events

Right after I finish my final exam last semester, I went back to KL. After 5 days, I came back here in Penang to undergo 1 short course offered by Microsoft. Its Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: SQL Server 2008 (Database Development). It’s free, of course. ^_^

The course started on 4th May and ended up with an exam today, 22nd May which consists of 65 (easy + HARD) multiple question. The best part is, I passed the exam! >_<

Here’s the cert I get for each module:




Then here is my result! ^_^


Can you guys see it? Its 950 (I assume it means 95%) and the passing mark should be 70% above.

Yatta! ^-^

  1. rukie says:


  2. freedz says:

    Arigatou! ^_^

  3. kesahklasikmcla says:

    congratS..bdw i got 100%.hak2

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